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In general, the term interracial, when used with cuckolding, most often refers to single black males enjoying white wives with their husbandís support and encouragement.
White Wife - Big Black Cock (BBC)
Interracial Cuckold
The contrast alone between a dark lover and a white wife can be an immense thrill for both the wife and her cuckold. For some couples, the taboo of interracial adds a significant element to the experience while for others, taboo isnít much of an issue.

Thereís no guarantee that the black suitor a wife is considering inviting inside her will have longer, thicker cock than her husband, as the stereotype of uniformly well-hung black males is just that - a myth, but the combination of contrast and size can provide more than just double the thrill for many couples.

Interracial is a niche within the cuckolding lifestyle where the only real difference is a coupleís preference or custom of choosing black lovers or Doms. Otherwise, progression of the lifestyle extends much the same as any cuckold relationship.
Due in part to the commonly accepted view of black sexual superiority ( a debate we can have elsewhere), blacks are expected to be dominant sexually and this is one component that many couples are looking for and one reason they sometimes gravitate to interracial. Unfortunately, blacks are no different in reality than any other racial group when it comes to the ratio of true Doms and many black males are really assertive bulls, but not a Dom.

Doms and bulls easily coexist; as a Dom, I have arranged for bulls for my sluts and/or couples because I find it an important experience for them and I rather enjoy being responsible for the cuckoldís wife going black and as you can imagine, it can be very powerful for the cuckold to watch (or be aware) of his wife going black at my order.
Fully erect and likely capable of pleasuring his wife, this cuckold's penis will still be ignored in favour of her boyfriend's black cock.
Size doesnít matter.

Well, size isnít immaterial, of course, but itís not everything.

Just as all blacks arenít exceptionally hung, whites arenít all less than average. Most cuckold husbands are of average size (6?) and many are even larger than that. Still, size alone cannot guarantee what a woman needs sexually. Even should her husband be full sized & possess the stamina needed, he still has a white penis between his legs and can never offer the experience going black can provide his wife.

Many cuckolds to wives with a black cock preference find it easier to accept being limited or weaned from sex as it is apparent that no matter what they are capable of, they cannot offer her the cock she wants.

There are other aspects to be familiar with:

Proud to have her breasts on display for her date night.

As much as we Doms and bulls enjoy showing off our sluts, the wives themselves often enjoy being the obviously married plaything for their dark bull. One way this is expressed is public dating where they can be openly playful and intmate as a couple.

Couples often assume that Ďdatingí is dangerous and leads to threatening levels of intimacy, but honestly, if your relationship canít handle this type of intimacy, cuckolding isnít for you. The truth is that there are fewer risks for a happy couple with a steady boyfriend than there are for the wife who is hooking up with random males you know very little about.

Dating is still a rush for the cuckold who should be included in the dating by helping prepare his wife for her date. This is an important intimacy for the couple to share prior to a date just as the sharing of details is following a date.

Dates arenít always out though - in fact, more couples will entertain their bull at home than date. I actually encourage both as they are different experiences and have different positive experiences for both the cuckold and his wife. Still, any time arrangements are made and schedules set - itís a date. As such, itís the cuckoldís responsibility to help prepare his wife.

Black Owned
A woman is considered Ďownedí when she - and her husband - have not only become submissive to the black Dom, but a further commitment to the lifestyle is made. Often the wife is required to dress and behave to communicate her preference for black males. It also often includes another term, ďblack onlyĒ, meaning sheís only allowed to take black cock inside her.

Imagine being told your wife is now black only. Without it even being said you kow that your penis is now obsolete. Often the cuckold has been largely weaned from intercourse as a natural progression of the lifestyle, but making it official that his constant erections will now never enter her where her bull or Dom does can be very intense for the cuckold.

Itís important to understand that sexually limiting or cutting off a cuckold is normal and can be very healthy for a cuckold relationship.

The physical intimacy shared during intercourse is easily replaced in numerous other ways and I often coach couples in that area. The physical release offered by sex is important and also had many substitutes, but for a cuckold it must be regulated to ensure his attention is focused on his wife and not on his own suffering appendage. That sacrifice is important to his role as a cuckold.

A young wife's fertility is proven.
Yes, the term refers to impregnation and the use of the term is intentional to imply a certain level of submission. We commonly use the breeding term with animals, but I caution you to not get caught up in that but rather to consider the submissive nature of the wife who is black owned and the submission of the husband who has accepted and supported this change to their marriage.

Of course I would never support or endorse such a thing being willfully done without full consent among everyone involved, but accidents do happen and the risk of interracial impregnation is very powerful for many women and their husbands.

For those couples who are black owned or those wives who choose to offer their Dom or boyfriend the ultimate intimacy, the anticipation, planning and ceremony surrounding the mating and impregnation of a white wife by her black mate is very erotic.
Some couples choose to allow the wife to couple with multiple black males so the father remains anonymous. This is too risky, in my opinion. Knowing who the father is can be important on several levels. Some couples will let nature choose and allow the semen of both lover and husband to compete for her womb. Other, more dedicated to the lifestyle will either purposely limit the cuckoldís access to intercourse while she is fertile, or as is the case in many interracial cuckolding marriages, the white husband willhave already been largely weaned from being inside her, thereby ensuring his wife will carry only her loverís child.

Many things have to be taken into account, but as with all things in life, ultimately anything is possible if you want it, plan for it and work toward it.

Itís important to note that íí
a medical study determined that the wifes exposure to the semen of the babys father not only increases chances of impregnation, but lowers certain health risks for both mother and baby.

Of course this is a very serious decision, but most aspects of this lifestyle are and for some couples, this represents the ultmate commitment to the interracial lifestyle.