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Cuckold Pregnancy
Perhaps the ultimate act of cuckolding is cuckold pregnancy. The wife or partner of the cuckold having her lover's baby must rank as the ultimate act of humiliation.

The decision by the cuckoldress to stop taking her birth control and either deny her husband sexual intercourse or make him use condoms while her lover is free to empty his seed inside her can be one of the most fulfilling times for her.

Conception may take a little while and during this time the 'bull' will have sole rights and sometimes sole access to the wife. The husband's role will be to give them as much time as possible to complete their act of pregnancy. Many nights will be spent alone, in the spare or guest room, while his wife has her lover in the marital bed. He will hear them together; he will know that the 'bull', excited at the prospect, will be putting his best efforts into impregnating her.

Sometime later he will be given the news of her pregnancy; perhaps they will tell him together. For the next nine months he will watch her change; her belly beginning to swell; her cravings and her emotions. He will notice her excitement with her forthcoming motherhood. He will no doubt notice too the 'bull' taking pride in what he has done.

Finally he will be there with her in the hospital delivery room watching her give birth to a child that is not his but for whom he will be responsible for. Perhaps their secret will remain theirs but what if the father is black?
My Breeding (A True Story)

Friday night and most of Saturday went by so slowly. I could do little except to think about what was going to happen Saturday night. The thoughts of my breeding keep me wet and horny most of the day. Several times I thought about masturbating to my thoughts but I decided to wait.

When the time came I drove to his apartment. The walk to his apartment seem like it took forever. I could hear the clicking of my heels echo between the buildings as walked down the sidewalks. Several times I thought about turning around and leaving but the heat and wetness between my legs drove me on.

I came to his door, hesitated again, and then knocked. Seconds later the door open and he stood before me. In his tight black leather pants and white shirt he looked like a God. He invited me in and took me to his living room. As we small talked and I had several glass of wine I could not help to look as his pants and his bulging manhood. My god I just want to scream out “take me”. After about an hour he got up and came over to me, with out a word he offered me his hand. I took it and he lead me to his bedroom.

In the bedroom he pulled me to him and our lips met, his tongue drove into my mouth as I moaned and my hand went instantly to his cock. As we kissed his hands roamed my body, feeling me, exploring me and finally taking off my blouse and bra. His lips found my breasts and hard nipples and started working them as I moaned and felt my legs becoming weak.

As he started taking off his shirt I dropped to my knees in front of him and started undoing his pants. He was wearing no underwear and as a pulled his pants down his cock sprang out. It was large, larger than I had expected. I must have gasped or done something stupid like that, as he commented back “don’t worry bitch you will learn to take it all tonight”.

With his hands on the back of my head he slowly started easing his cock into my mouth. Each time he pushed it in a little deep and I hungrily accepted it. It was massive, stretching my mouth wide open and it tasted so good. When I would start to chock and gag he would pull out then start in again. My arms feel to my side into total submission as it finally work its way into my throat. Each trust he would go a little deeper taking me in a way he was enjoy very much. I heard him say, “you like that don’t you bitch”.

His pace quickened as I felt his body start to shake. He pulled my head on to his cock and pushed it down my throat as far as it would go as he started to cum. His black seed was hot and sweet tasting and the amount of it was gagging me. Finally he released me and I dropped to the floor, gasping for breath. Standing over me he looked down at me and laughed. As I looked up I could not believe the size, and how his cock looked wet with his cum and my salvia.

He reached down and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet. My legs were weak and wobbly as he pulled my skirt up. His hand went between my legs and found the wetness that was waiting for him. “Oh yah baby you are ready,” he said as he ripped my silk pantyhose open. As he held me up he worked his finger then fingers into my wet box stretching and sizing me. My hips move to his hand action and I had no control over their thrusting. I could feel my juices flowing out of me and down my legs. I knew I was his for his taking and breeding. As he pulled me close to him I whispered in his ear, “Take me, fuck me, breed me, and make me yours”.

He pushed me to the bed with my skirt, pantyhose and heels still on. Grabbing me by my ankles he spread me wide pushing my legs over my head exposing me to his wishes. His cock was at my opening and I wanted it bad. I thrust my hips forward but he just moved back. As I looked into his eyes he just smiled at me. Then without warning he drove into me.

He drove in hard and deep. As he drove into me I could feel myself being stretched and torn. I screamed out for him to stop as the pain and pleasure mixed together. He just laughed and committed. “God you’re a tight little slut”, he said. He continued to push deeper in me as I cried out again. My hands were on his back and my nails dug deep into his back and the pain and pleasure mix into pure pleasure.

It was almost like an out-of-body experience. I could hear myself crying out for him to take me harder and deeper, to take me and make me his, to cum inside me, to give me his baby. My hips move out of control as I milk his massive black cock. Finally I felt his body start to shake. He drove into me deeper then before and I felt his hot black seed filling me. My hips moved out of control as I begin to climax time after time.

Then it was over. He pulled out of me and I felt is seed leaking out of me and down my leg. As we lay on the bed resting he looked at me and said “you're mine bitch, how does it feel to be a little white slut”. Shortly after, I put my top back on and left. I was barely able to walk down the sidewalk toward my car, but as I did I could feel his back seed leaking out. It was the best fuck in my life and I knew I want more black seed and cock.
The Passion Of The Act
He starts to take.
Halfway you realise how large he is as you feel him stretching.
Now all the way in you, you scream out in passion, pleasure and pain all mixed together. You struggle but
it is hopeless. You are his to take!
As he sizes you, you are helpless you give into him, letting him take his pleasure as he cums deep inside
Dianne's story

As far as my first pregnancy, here's the story for those interested. After my husband and I worked out our issues regarding it (hubby is fertile but I really wanted my lover's baby to start our family) I pinpointed when I would be ovulating and informed my boss. He told his wife that he was going on a business trip (she was unaware) and we both took a week off work. My boss came over to our house and stayed for the week, 7 days, all at or around my ovulation. My husband moved into the guest room for the week so that my boss could sleep in our bed with me. I can't say which time I actually was impregnated, we spent the week naked in my house and I was taking his sperm in me five times a day. The first night we spent alone in my bedroom, but after that we would just go at anywhere in the house that the mood struck, so my husband saw me getting fucked repeatedly. I don't think the two of us had any clothes on the entire week. Of course I did not have any sex with my hubby during the week or when I was waiting to find out if I had gotten pregnant, he wore a condom. Shortly after I was elated to discover that I indeed was pregnant.

During my pregnancy for some reason I can't explain, it just didn't feel right letting my husband have sex with me without a condom. Maybe it was some head thing since the baby wasn't from him, I don't know. We gave my boss a house key and of course the two of us still fucked at the office everyday as well. My boss never once used a condom. Whenever he could sneak away at night he would let himslef in the house and slip into bed with me. After the noises of our fucking would wake my hubby up, he would kiss me and excuse himself to the guest bedroom.

My husband is now a great father and my daughter knows my boss and her favorite "uncle," my boss. We decided that honesty was best policy so my daughter has always know that her biological father was my boss and my hubby is her dad. Given the importance of genetic medical histories and not wanting her to be screwd up by finding out later, we felt this was important. It's a great situation, because he gets to be involved in her life and spoil her, and my hubby gets to be a parent, but also has to take care of things like finances and discpline like any parent has to.

I have since had other jobs and many other lovers, but my former boss is still a close friend and occasion lover and my hubby and I have a great marriage and beautiful family.
Tina's story

My husband and I got involved in the cuckold lifestyle through our desire to have a child. My husband is 13 years older than me and had learned that he was unable to father children during his previous marriage. It led to his divorce, so he was very sensitive about it. When we started dating, I loved his sweetness, maturity and desire to care for me, compared to the younger guys I was used to dating. The only concern I had was that I wanted children, but he reassured me that he wanted to give me that if we married and we would figure something out, like artificial insemination.

After we married, we started talking about it more and more. I wanted to have my own child and not adopt, but the thought of artificial insemination did not appeal to me as I learned more about it. It was my husband who actually said that he thought the best option was for us to find someone to get me pregnant the natural way. During this time, we also discovered that my husband and I would both become aroused when I told him about my sexual experiences with my ex-boyfriend. I had lived with him for 2 years and was very much in love with him, despite his aggressive attitude and immaturity. He is 3 years older than me and an incredible lover with a great body. I would do anything for him when we were together, but eventually I left him because I was wanting a family and security with someone more mature. He knew I was married, but continued to text and call me occasionally, so one night during sex with my husband, I suggested that maybe he was a good guy to get me pregnant. My husband was concerned about our past feelings for each other, but I felt strongly that I was over that and it would just be a fun sexual experience. I was very wrong.

My husband finally agreed and I told my ex-bf about it. He was very excited and we went out on a date soon after. I was not prepared for the rush of emotion that came over me that night when we had sex. I had timed it with my ovulation and I think I could feel I was fertile, so something about having his potent sperm inside me caused me to bond with him deeply. I went home to my husband and could hardly talk about the night because I felt so guilty. After I failed to get pregnant, I was depressed and my husband encouraged me to see him again. I eagerly called my ex, and he said we should do it more to make sure it works. My husband ended up agreeing to him staying with us for 2 weeks, and he admitted to me that he would enjoy at least hearing us having sex. During that 2 weeks my ex-bf pretty much took over the master bedroom and was making love to me numerous times a day. He is very aggressive and my husband is passive, so it just felt natural for us to sleep together. During that time, I realized how unsatisfying sex was with my husband, and I began to feel myself falling again for my ex-boyfriend.

When he left I was very depressed and resentful towards my husband, for reasons I don't understand. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I went to see him and we made love. I felt bad about it and told my husband afterward, and he was upset and told me that was the exact thing he had worried about. We tried to get back to our lives, but I found myself avoiding sex with my husband and meeting my ex whenever I could. My husband figured it out through my texts, and I admitted to it. I told him that I was sorry but I felt this biological urge to have sex with the father of the baby inside of me. After a week of fighting and sleeping in separate rooms, my husband told me that he would rather know about my relationship with my ex than to have me cheating. It was at that point that my ex and I started openly dating and sleeping together frequently. My husband was jealous and mopey at first, but in time he started masturbating when we would be sexual in front of him. It seems like we developed into the cuckold relationship naturally, without even knowing it was a lifestyle. It was my bf who began encouraging the more humiliating aspects, like denying my husband sex, making him clean my pussy and his cock, doing more and more things in front of him, and basically taking control of our household. I felt guilty at first because I love my husband and know he is so good to me, but as I would see his reaction to allowing these things and even being aroused by it, I started to feel like it was something good for him.

After the baby was born, my husband seemed to lose his open resentment towards my bf, and almost acted like he felt inferior and indebted to him. He began doing things for him, assisting him financially, and allowing us to be together in any way we wanted. My bf is happy with the situation, as he says he was never the fatherly type and thinks my husband does a great job. He also admits that he likes my husband being able to allow us more time to ourselves and freedom by caring for the baby, as well as providing a better lifestyle than he could afford. My bf and I socialize together and take trips, and I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Sometimes I feel guilty that we are using my husband, but my husband insists that he is happy because I am happy.

This may not be a situation for everyone, but I just wanted to share it. Oh, one other thing...I am going to get back off the pill soon because my bf wants to give me another baby!
Sample Stories
My legs were pulled up and back now leaving my pussy wide open for Lee. I held onto his thick cock guiding him toward the entrance of my pussy. I reached down with my fingers and spread my pussy lips for the large black head. Lee pressed forward firmly enough to keep his cock poised at the entrance of my fertile white married pussy.
Oh my God! I wasn't on the pill! Was it too late to ask Lee to put on a condom? I felt Lee push forward. I felt pressure than all of a sudden he popped inside. Shit.....Fuck! He was huge!
Lee was gentle in a way not to hurt me but kept pushing into me until I felt his balls against my ass. He was in! I was filled with black cock. This man could make me pregnant I thought!
Lee started to pull out slowly than lunged forward making his balls slap against my upturned ass cheeks. He started fucking me in a steady rhythm. He brought me to a long intense orgasm than another followed by two shots ones. I belonged to Lee at the moment.
My head was moving from side to side now as Lee fucked the shit out of me. I faintly saw Fred standing near the doorway. I thought I saw him with a camera in his hand but wasn't sure. Lee kept fucking me until he let out a loud deep groan. I felt his cock expanding as he shot his thick hot load of potent seed deep inside my belly.

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Mandy moved her fingers along the shaft feeling every vein and every little bulge than lowered her hand further and began to massage his testicles in her fingers. Her mind was thinking again as she kept feeling his large testicles knowing that they contained the life he was going to put inside her.

His fingers were still probing inside her playing with her clitoris making her hips squirm as she held onto his large testicles than kissed him once more before she raised herself steadying herself on his chest and straddled his body with her small frame.

Mandy was sitting on his thighs with his cock touching her pussy between her legs as his hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down for another kiss. His free hand was now massaging her tits as her tongue entered his mouth.

Mandy raised her ass and reached down to hold his cock in her small hand and guided it toward the entrance of her pussy and waited for Abu to enter her.
Abu placed his hands on her ass and held her above him as she rocked her hips and applied pressure making the head of his cock pop into her pussy. Mandy stiffened as she felt him enter her and froze for a moment as she adjusted to his massive size.
Mandy began to rock her hips again as he tightened his grip on her ass keeping her impaled above him as she sank further down his shaft. Mandy held herself up by placing her hands on his chest as she rotated her hips around making him slid inside her more.

Mandy tilted her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of his thickness inside her pussy. The liquor had relaxed her body enough to help her stretch to accommodate this man inside her.

Mandy's ass was almost touching his massive thighs as she began moving herself up and down his cock.
Abu spoke his first words to her and said. "You smell beautiful, like a fresh-cut rose." His hands were placed on her ass as she began to ride his cock and as each downward thrust was made, Mandy gasped for air. Mandy's pussy squished each time his cock went deep inside her as Mandy continued to struggle for air.

Mandy began to tremble as her body quivered and she began to cum sending shivers throughout her tiny body.

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Mary's Story

If there are any women out there similar to me and my story please read this quick story and let me know if their husbands are the same way.

When I saw this site the stories sounded like what my husband wanted me to do. He mentioned vaguely and in passing about it but as time passed became more persistent. I became upset and he then said it was my choice and never mentioned it again. I kept thinking about it and did finally met a man it could be possible with. He was handsome, tall, muscular and very nice. One night with the kids in the backyard I mentioned to him that I was ready and chose a man. We discussed who the man was and how and when we would make love. My husband was hot and excited and we made love that was very satisfying.

Mike was his name and we met on several occasions making out with him. Mike was a great kisser. My husband wanted to be there when we made love but said with the first man we could make love without him being there. We decided to meet at a hotel. I got the room and went inside to wait for him with the television on. I was nervous but excited having only been with my husband. Mike came in and we kissed and set on the edge of the bed making small talk. We started kissing and after a few minutes Mike was taking off my blouse and bra. I was getting excited as we continued to kiss. He then removed my heels, skirt and panties. He started to stroke me getting me extremely excited.

Soon he was on top of me as we kissed and I could feel his penis rubbing against me being very erect. As we moved to the top of the bed I opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom I brought and put it in Mikes hand. He looked at it and said he never wanted to use one. I told him it would be for the first time. I should let everyone know that when my husband spoke to me about making love with Mike he didn’t want me to use any birth control. My first question to him was what if I get pregnant. He said he would raise the child as his own and would love it no different from our other children. I remember telling now you say this but you will think different later on. He assured me many times he would be a loving father. My husband is a kind and good man who loves children. He had a vasectomy after our last child and regretted it.

I asked him just try it and he starting kissing me touching me as I wrapped my thighs around his hand. He lifted my legs still kissing me with his penis slowly sliding in me. After about 10 slow strokes he was in me. His arms were so large and muscular as he held me I was soon having an orgasm. Here I am making love to a man for the first time without any birth control. I must admit it did make it more exciting not using birth control but I did not want to get pregnant. We were passionate in our lovemaking. He held my legs up in the air as he continued stroking in and out of me. Mike was larger then my husband and thicker. Honestly I think he was about 9 inches long and very thick.

When my husband got excited he would climax rather quickly in about 1 or 2 minutes. Mike lasted about 10 minutes before he climaxed. I must admit it was the most intense love making I ever had. We were both holding each other very close and he started to speed up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he seemed to get more excited. We kissed passionately as he started to climax inside of me. I was experiencing the most intense orgasm I ever had. I needed him to climax in me to make me complete. His strokes were slow and deliberate as he put his semen in me with the last strokes being slow as he stopped just for a second each time as he was fully in me. After stopping for about a minute we kissed one last time.

We laid there for a while with Mike still in me. He started to get soft after a few minutes and fell asleep in each others arms. After about 30 minutes of sleep I wiggled to let him slip out of me. I got a towel from the bathroom and was amazed with the amount of semen he put in me. I dressed and kissed him softly one last time before leaving. I did tell my husband I made love to Mike without birth control and described what happened which made him intensely excited then he ravaged me. Sex with my husband is nice and I always achieve an orgasm. I do truly love him but he doesn’t have the intensity that Mike has.

I have been with Mike a few more times always making love to him when my cycle isn’t fetile. I do prefer him not using birth control but know eventually I will get pregnant. I now understand the excitement of not using birth control with this beautiful man.

Are there other women out there who also had requests from their husbands like my story or am I the only one? My husband tells me that there are thousands but I am not sure even after finding your website. I think I should stop but the intense sex draws me every time.
Responses to “Mary's Story”
Byron said:
August 22nd, 2006 at 5:00 pm
Baby, it’s very necessary for you to let him cum inside you. No real man likes it when a woman won’t take him inside her. Our nature is to both have sex as many woman as possible but to mate with desireable women as well.

August 22nd, 2006 at 5:15 pm
Hi! Nice post. I was reminded of my first time. to answer your question, yes …but he wants me to do it because he has to eat me after. I make sure I do it durng the non fertile days though.

August 22nd, 2006 at 11:15 pm
I am sure there are many people like this out there. I have also been fixed, and have encouraged the wife to have sex on the side. I think the excitement is both there for you and your husband. I know that I enjoy love making, but the thought of watching my wife have sex and enjoying it is very exciting to me. Also to have someone satisfy her that is larger than me and could go deeper also turns me on. She could enjoy the skin to skin contact as you do. Congrats, it is my fantasy as well.

August 23rd, 2006 at 12:03 pm
Have considered birth control pills. If you don’t have any health contridictions that could be a simple answer. Great post please post more of your stories!

August 23rd, 2006 at 7:50 pm
I go in bare or I don’t go in at all. If she is not on birth control all the better. Nothing get me off like risking a pregnancy. I have gotten my friend pregnant while her hubby watched and enjoyed seeing my girlfriend take a buddies seed in her unprotected pussy while she sucked my cock. We both fuck around and enjoy the risks of an unplanned pregnancy. We decided we would deal with the results of our actions when and if the seemingly inevitable occurs. We too live in Arizona. It seems there are a lots of others here who share our fetish.

August 23rd, 2006 at 8:26 pm
Wow, what a well-written, intelligent, and erotic story. There’s something undeniably honest about unprotected sex. It would be nice to hear more about your husband, since without the loving support of a cuckold, hotwifery wouldn’t be possible. Good luck on getting pregnant.

Gene said:
August 24th, 2006 at 3:35 am
Loved the story. Like to see photos. What would the rest of your family(S) say? So did Mike touch you in new places? Sounds like you like black if you keep going back for more.

Fred said:
August 24th, 2006 at 5:28 am
My wife has been fucking other men, with my encouragement, since just after we were married. She is a very sexual woman and simply needs more than I can give her as you do.

One of the things that really gets her off is feeling a man cum inside her so we both agreed that she should feel free to fuck her lovers bareback whenever she wished. To tell the truth, the thought that she could become pregnant by another man excited both of us. Like your hubby, I agreed that should she become pregnant and choose to have the baby, I would raise it as my own.

This evolved over time into quite a turn on for both of us. So much so that we agreed that if one of her lovers called and asked for a date she would accept and receive him bareback regardless of her state of fertility. She was not using any form of birthcontrol at the time and had a very regular cycle so we knew quite well when those days were.

She still clains that the sex she has with other men during her fertile period is the most intense and satisfying that she has ever had. When she is with another man during this time, it is very intense for me as well.

We have a ritual upon her return. I always take her to bed immediately and go down on her. Licking as much of her lover’s sperm from her well fucked pussy as I can before mounting her and adding my own sperm to the mix. That way we can never be really sure if the child is mine or her lover’s.

Over the course of the years she has concieved and born children three times. I am nearly certain that I was the one that got lucky once, one neither of us is really sure and the other we are absolutely certain is form her lover. I won’t say why but we know.

True to my word, I am raising all three and love them all the same. I hope that hearing this may help you in making whatever choice you do in deciding whether or not to let your lover cum inside you. As for us, we would not change a thing.

August 24th, 2006 at 4:02 pm
Mary I think your behaviour is just as Mother Nature desires! Have you heard of “COMPETITIVE SPERM THEORY”?
Apparently some biologists claim a certain % of male spermatozoa has evolved purely to “fight off & kill” rival men’s sperm. They call it “killer sperm”!

The biologists assume, this is all because Mother Nature wants the woman’s ovum to be fertilised by the strongest sperm possible - with the weaker male’s sperm being killed off by his stronger rival.
Sperm can actually stay alive for up to 5 days (although some claim 7 days) inside a woman’s genitalia. An unfertilised ovulated egg meanwhile will stay alive for 24 hours - so 5 days before ovulation she will come on/in heat. Mother Nature thus wants her to have sex with as many men as possible during this on/in heat/season phase - with the rival sperm fighting it out within her genitalia and the “strongest prevailing” - and so producing the healthiest offspring possible!

This is why studies have previously shown women feel most promiscuous just prior to and during ovulation.
This “COMPETITIVE SPERM THEORY” (if true) leads to the obvious conclusion that Mother Nature made (and wants) women to be naturally promiscuous!

August 24th, 2006 at 7:42 pm
Wow… that was a hot read. Please post more.

UK Sex Contacts
August 25th, 2006 at 8:56 am
What a fantastic story, we have had some fantastic success stories regarding the chance of falling pregnant, they all say they will raise the baby as their own and one couple have done very successfully and still meet with the real father!

August 31st, 2006 at 12:12 pm
Hi Mary,
Yes there are many women like you. My first child is from my husband.After this pregnancy We became more and more attracted by the hotwifestyle. After two years of enjoying it in full, my husband came with the idea that I Would have a second child from one of my lovers. At first I was nervous about it, but in the end I decided to fullfil his fantasy. A fantasy that also attracted me in the next months. It happened like planned. I made unprotected love with at least six lovers. During that period my husband didn’t touch me so that we were sure the child should be of one of my lovers. It all happened like planned. We both get arroused by the fact that our second is not from my husband. It makes me feel realy woman. So, you’re not the only one. I assure you… Just enjoy it. It made our sexlife also more intense.
Linda - Belgium (Europe)

September 17th, 2006 at 12:03 pm
I think the idea is really hot, but I’m still a little unsure. My wife and I have been married 6 years. Being the “good girl” type, it took a while to talk her into it, but I have been fortunate enough to watch my wife spread her legs for other men with bigger cocks now for about 2 years. She is 28, 5'0?, 120 lbs and has really nice 36D tits and the greatest body! She only wants a man one way and that’s bareback. She says nothing feels better than a big cock exploding inside her! Often just the feel of a man cuming inside her will make her cum.

Not long ago I finally told her my fantasy was to see her take a black man with a “large cock”. Much to my surprise, she replied with a smile she had always been curious. I told her I had already found just the right man. A few nights later I was watching this 6'4?, 240 lbs black guy named Don with 11 inches of the thickest cock I had ever seen fuck my wife like she belonged to him right in our bed! I had never heard her make so much noise or seen her squirm so much in my life! I had never seen her look so hot either! At first she told me she was scared to have him back over, but after about a week he was all she could talk about.
During that week he emailed me several times a day (and night) wanting to come over again. Finally he told me he couldn’t stop fantasizing about getting my wife pregnant right in front of me in our bed. I never dreamed of telling my wife how much that thought turned me on! Over the next few weeks Don came over several times and once again made my wife belong to him in our bed. His constant emails continued practically begging me to let him get my wife pregnant. Finally I told him I loved the idea, but it wasn’t solely up to me.

Two weeks ago I had to make a business trip which I hadn’t had to do in ages. When I got home that morning at 2:00 am, I got an instant hard-on when Dons car was in the driveway. Although my wife had promised to never have him or anyone else over unless I was home, it was exciting knowing she had! Sneaking in quietly, it wasn’t long before I discovered my wifes birth control pill case open on the counter in the bathroom and what few pills that didn’t flush down still in the toilet. I think my heart stopped for a minute right then, but I had never been so turned on as I was when I peaked in our bedroom and watched him fuck my wife like he had just married her!

As if that couldn’t be hot enough - between her helpless moans and cries, all I could hear her saying was, “Make me have your baby Don! Make me have your baby!” I didn’t let them know I was home until well after they were done for the night. I still having let either of them find out I know what’s goin on and that my wife is going to end up pregnant by his huge black cock in our bed. Just wondering, should I let them fulfill their fantasy?

Cintia & Mariano said:
September 17th, 2006 at 6:37 pm
Hello Mary…
Cintia and I are from Argentina, and we want to tell you that it is completely natural what you say. There are a lot of people as us and there is not anything of bad with it. We have 5 children and none of them is mine, and I love my wife and my children like nobody in the world. So you go for it!…
Kisses. Cintia and Mariano.

Ann & Joe Roberts said:
September 24th, 2006 at 6:59 pm
My wife Ann was knocked up by her boss at the time, we had two childern and thought that was enough, we had a little girl, which I love like mine, what does it matter a child is a child, we been married 50 years.
Yes she dated him for a long time, becoming his mistress, lots of fun, he knew and help supported her, died last year.

October 9th, 2006 at 9:00 pm
Strange as it seems I’m white and have been with these three HOTWIVES fairly consistantly over the past five years. One has a unsuspecting Hubby, she wants a baby, both others have had two each. As we live in towns fairly close to each other I get to help the four grow up. I Love It, They Love It! The one that wants my baby works at the same co so its very likely (Boy Will He Be Suprised){Fixed} Wonderful Ladies All

January 16th, 2007 at 6:18 am
I was just reading some old stories and came across this one. It is super hot and brings back memories of my hotwife having a child from a lover. We were pretty active swingers that moved up to myself and other men fucking her and finally to her taking lovers and fucking as much as she wanted to. My wife always fucked her men bareback. She loved having all that cum inside of her and so did I.
She had stopped her birth control with the intent of us having another child. This one night she had a chance to get fucked by a married friend of ours, and she had wanted him for quite some time. I encouraged her to let him take her to bed and make love to her. She was very ok with this so I went out to give her time to seduce him and get fucked as many times as she wanted to. I went back about 3 hours later. My wife gave me all the details right down to the positions they fucked in. She was still naked in bed so I jumped in and started to eat her clean. She liked to be licked clean and I loved eating and tasting other mens hot sperm filled cum inside of her. That hot musky cum smell of sex between her legs always made me hard. I have to tell you that I have never seen her with so much cum inside of her even after multiple partners. His cum was just dripping out of her pussy.

It turns out that our 5 year old had woke up and Jack had to stop and pull out of my wife so she could put him back to bed. They then finished fucking 2 times. The tease of stopping must have swollen his balls with cum and explains the amount of cum and sperm he put deep into her.
Six weeks later she told me that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby.

I was excited that she was having a child by someone else, especially that he was within our close circle of friends. My wife and I agreed to keep this our secret and not tell him since he was married.
One month later Jack fucked my wife again and as usuall we had sex after they had finished. I was so hot and tuned on licking his cum out of her pussy again and knowing she had concieved on this hot cum.
As I eat her clean she came and asked me if I could taste Jack’s cum inside of her.

My wife continued to have Jack fuck her weekly for two years. All this time my wife and I had the greatest sex. Jack’s wife caught him and found out that our child was from Jack. She dumped him and Jack left the state. We have never seen him again.

Two months after Jack left I helped my hotwife find a new lover to keep her well fucked and full hot cum.
No complaints from her.

David Prentice
June 3rd, 2007 at 1:18 pm
After reading the initial story I am relieved that I am not alone in getting so turned on at the thought of my lovely wife having sex with another man and taking a bare cock. PLease may I share what happened with us.

My wife Julie is 30yrs old, tall, slim and has a professional job in the UK where we live; we have no children or any desire to do so. I have always been a very jealous type and hate the thought of any man chatting Julie up; this is fairly groundless as she hates guys who fancy themselves and has her own wonderful way of putting them down. The strange thing is that I get very turned on by getting her to talk dirty when we make love and tell me made up stories about her getting taken by another man. The furthest we have ever gone (until the bit I will share with you later) is getting her to answer the door in just her panties to male room service when on holiday; these guys have always been jet black. The fact these guys could see my wife’s lovely pert breasts really got me hard; after a few drinks she would show them in so they could put the tray down and ‘accidentally’ let her soft breasts touch their arms or faces.

In deeper serious conversation she asked why I loved her talking about being taken by another guy and would I really want that to happen; she confessed that she would give it a try for me just the once and providing it would not effect our relationship. To avoid a much longer story, months later she told me that there was a guy working for her company who was due to return to the US very shortly and he had invited her for goodbye lunch at his hotel. When we were in bed, she asked me cheekily what she should do if he asked her back to his room, as I was turned on I said she should go. She set off on the day for work as usual wearing her pinstripe business suite, silk blouse and frilly bra. I was working from home that day and could hardly eat, my heart was racing and there was many the time that I thought I should phone her and call it off.

Julie arrived home at about 6pm looking as immaculate as ever but with a rosy glow to her cheeks. I asked, “Did you meet him, what happened, tell me”. She just smiled and told me that I would have to wait. As the evening progressed, she teased by answering, “yes something happened” and touching her nose as a gesture for me to mind my own business. I was getting more and more turned on by her response and eventually started to kiss her; we both stripped and made love, during which she told me what happened. They had met for a light lunch and he invited her to his room after some hints made by Julie. Once inside they had shortly kissed before standing a few feet apart and slowly undressed for each other. My wife said she felt nervous but really turned on about showing her naked body to an almost stranger. He left his underpants to last and it was clear from the bulge that he was getting very hard, as he dropped his pants to the floor his hard penis was exposed and looked ugly and menacing; it was large uncut and slightly bent. Julie found this a turn on and my, until then faithful wife, went to her knees and took it into her sweet mouth.

After a while her pulled her head off his penis and told her to lay back on the bed, this she did and he stood back looking at her nakedness; she responded by opening her legs to give him a view of her sweet married pussy, almost cumming as she did. He lay on top of her kissing her breasts and she could feel the heat of his hard cock on her belly and on tops of her legs. He then started to rub his penis against the entrance to her pussy and at that point she told him to put a condom on as she was not on the pill (both her and I just assumed that this would be the normal thing to do and nothing was previously said). Relaxing off slightly he gently replied that he did not have any but anyway as this was a very special experience for both of them and condoms would only spoil it. Julie said her mind and heart was racing but was too turned on to say other than ‘just fuck me please’. Upon this he entered his hot bare penis in her unprotected sweet married pussy. Julie said the feeling was unbelievable as he gently moved in and out of her, withdrawing and re-entering all the time. They continued for about 40 minutes, ceasing on occasions to jointly give oral sex and resuming completely unprotected intercourse. She assured me that he finally withdrew and came over her.

Afterwards they showered separately, dressed and said goodbye forever.

Two months after the event Julie added a slight amendment, she confessed that he had in fact cum twice in her unprotected pussy and that was she wanted all the time. She had not told me before as she felt it would worry me until her second period had passed, something she was confident would happen.
We have had sensible discussions over what we allowed to happen and what may happen in the future; she has agreed that if the time and guy was right she would do it again and allow me to be present. What it has done has completely opened our honesty to each other.

xcuck said:
June 10th, 2008 at 8:14 pm
Pregnancy risk was unavoidable when my wife & I explored this life style a few years ago. Although we are Baptist rather than Catholic, we’ve always relied on natural BC. During early years I’d just pull out when she thought she was fertile. Was not perfect but we wanted kids anyway. In later years we were more careful. We got cycle beads to track her cycle. We’d just do oral when she was fertile and I’d pull out even when she was safe. Worked well.

Fast forward to a company New Years Eve party a few years later. Wife danced a lot with young Black stud. Got felt up, kissed under missletoe ect. I was surprised to find myself getting aroused rather than angry.

He started flirting with her at work after that & kept asking her to go out with him. I’d tease her about her black, well hung boy friend. She admitted that she was tempted because she’d boticed how big he got when they were slow dancing. After much discussion and soul searching, I agreed to her going out for dinner & dancing with him.

It was only after I’d put the kids to bed that I noticed her cycle beads and rememberred that she was fertile!! Although we had agreed that it would be just dinner & dancing & kissing & petting & maybe a BJ, I found myself worrying yet almost hoping wife’d go further. I got so aroused that I masterbated.
When wife finally came home early AM, she nervously confessed that she’d allowed the guy to seduce her! However: she assurred me that she’d asked the guy to pull out when he started to cum.

As she got undressed for bed, I noticed her pubic hair was soaked with semen! She admitted that the guy hadn’t been careful to squirt on her belly or breasts as I always did.
We started making out and I got between her thighs to mount her. Wife teasingly reminding me that we shouldn’t because she was fertile!!

June 10th, 2008 at 8:52 pm
My wife kept teasing me about it not being safe & warding off my penis until I promised I’d not cum in her. As I prepared to penatrate her, I found myself rubbing my glans in her semen soaked pubic hair to lubricate it. wife teased me saying that if I was not careful I’d preg her with his sperm! Rather than be careful, I plunged my penis into her then rubbed it around in her semen soaked pubic hair to coat it with more sperm. I kept doing this until I had to cum. True to my word I pulled out to squit on her breasts.
My wife hadn’t climaxed yet so I pleasured her orally. Although I often go down on her after sex if I haven’t cum in her, I’d never been willing to eat my own sperm. My eating another man’s sperm out of her was an amazing turn on for both of us.

Needless to say it was surreal to go to church a few hours later. The image of my prim, proper, devout wife teaching children’s sunday school & singing in choir was such a contradiction to the knowledge that not just another man’s but a Black man’s sperm were swimming around in her womb!

June 10th, 2008 at 10:51 pm
After taking kids out for lunch I ushered my wife off to our room for Sunday afternoon romance. This is common for us “puritans”. Wife was feeling guilty & distraught. Flirting, dancing, kissing & mayby fellating a guy to placate him so he wouldn’t force himself on her could be excused. But having intercourse with him was adultury. Her only excuse was that she was flatterred to have attention of much younger man, had found violation of race tabboo exciting & she’d been curious about the size thing. She felt especialy guilty because her moral resolve had been so easily overcome by the sight of his monstrous, 9.5? penis which was so much larger than my modest 5?.

I told my wife she need not feel guilty because I’d given her my blessing to go out with him. Although we’d agreed she wouldn’t have sex with him, I couldn’t blame her for giving into temptation. Since she’d remained a virgin until our wedding night while I hadn’t, it would be hypocritical for me to condemn her. I also assurred her that since I am not well endowed, I didn’t blame her for wanting to experience a bigger penis.

My wife then expressed her fear about pregnancy risk. She was relieved when I assurred her that I wouldn’t demand a divorce, abortion or adoption.

Wife responded by giving me oral & even swallowed my semen which is not usual. (not uncommon for us Christian prudes who read the “Song Of Solomon” literally.)
I then pleasured my wife orally. Although she’d showerred it was a turn on thinking about traces of her black BF sperm inside her.

Wife was surprised when I got erect so soon. She didn’t protest & even told me I was free to cum in her. However: her tearful thanks when I withdrew to dribble my meager remnant of semen on her belly confirmed that she really didn ‘t want me to inseminate her.

June 11th, 2008 at 12:41 am
Wife & I spent next few weeks nervously waiting for her period. We made love almost every day. Interestingly,when she was “safe” again she usually fellated me after I’d pleasured her orally rather than have intercourse. She admitted that she was dissuaded by the fear of getting pregnant & not knowing paternity. When she finally started menstruating (almost a week late) we celebrated. She was eager to have intercourse rather than fellate me & even kept me inside her as I ejaculated. It was the first time in years that I’d inseminated her.

xcuck said:
June 11th, 2008 at 7:54 pm
Our lives became mundane for the next few months after this first experience. My wife quit her job because the guy kept pesterring her for another date. She also had an embaressing visit with her doctor to make certain she hadn’t caught anything.
The experience seemed to revive her urge to procreate too. We didn’t really talk about it much but I noticed changes in her. While she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, she was no longer being as careful to not get pregnant. She no longer abstained when she was fertile and I was free to cum in her when she was safe. She eventually admitted that perhaps she was trying to atone for her adultury by oferring me another opportunity to impregnate her. With her recently turning forty & 1 kid starting college, I was ambivelent.

June 12th, 2008 at 6:15 pm
My wife & I finaly had another hotwife experience several months later. I took her with me to a week long convention. I thought some romantic time without our kids would help her get over her lingering guilt & give us an opportunity to discuss and unerstand why I had enabled it.

The hotel caterred to adults rather than families with children. We were somewhat shocked to discover that full nudity was allowed around the pools and spa. I teasingly suggested that she get an all over tan. Perhaps I should mention that while my wife is voluptuous, her all natural D cup breasts and wide hips give her a classicM hourglass figure.

As we were getting dressed for dinner after the first day of meetings I noticed my wifes new tan lines. Rather then wear her conservatve one pice suit, she’d worn a bikini that she’d bought at the hotel. It was a classic bikini rather than a thong. The top was modest but the bottoms had left the upper few inches of her butt exposed and there was less than an inch of pale skin left around her lush patch of red pubic hair! The idea of her being so exposed really turned me on. We had fun in bed after dinner.

The next evening I noticed that the strap lines on her back as well as her butt were no longer pale. Even more interesting was that the skin around her pubic hair was also tanned. My wife explained that she wanted to tan just her back. She found that she could discretely unfasten & refasten her top, it was impossible to discretey slip her bottoms on & off while laying on her stomach. She eventualy decided that since everyone had already seen her pubic hair and it coverred her almost as well as the suitM she might as well go bottomless. When I suggested that she should go topless too, she said she was self concious about her saggy breasts.

June 12th, 2008 at 7:08 pm
My meetings let out early the next day. As I was changing into my suit to join her at the pool, I noticed her bikini and wondered what she’d worn to the pool.

Arriving at the pool I was amazed & pleased to discover my wife laying on her back totally nude. She was also talking with a young black man who was sitting near her. Even from a distance the long, thick, ebony penis dangling between his legs was daunting.

I was about to approach when my wife haned the guy her ltion then rolled over onto her stomach. The guy started putting lotion on her legs, thighs then her butt. He then sat stradling her thighs as he did her back & shoulders. His penis swelled as it rubbed between her butt cheeks. When his hands drifted to the sides of her breasts, she giggled as she raised up on her elbows to fully expose them to hi touch. Suddenly embarressed, she told him to stop. He sat facing her, legs parted casually to flaunt his penis only a few feet from her face.

My wife seemed nervouse & guilty when I joined them. As I sat down he suggested that it would be more relaxing for everyone if I slipped my suit off too. Although I was acutely aware of how pathetic my penis would look compared to his. At one point he suggested that my wife meet him for brunch while I went golfing with some potential clients.

After an hour of akward small talk over drinks, I led my wife off to our room. She immediately dropped to her knees & fellated me even letting me cum in her mouth. I then pleasured her orally.
We made love again after dinner. I was so aroused that I barely managed to pull out in time to dribble my semen into her pubic hair.

We finally talked about her flirtatious behavior at the pool and the guys invitation.. She felt guilty & embaressed & was surprised that I wasn’t angry and was okay with her meeting him for brunch.. She asked why I was still willing to trust her to not commit adultury again. I said while I was worried, I loved her enough to forgive her if she gave into temptatuon again.

June 12th, 2008 at 7:28 pm
When we awoke next morning my wife ased me if I was still okay with her meeting the guy. I assurred her it was okay. I then pointed out that since we were away from home she needn’t worry about her rupatation. There would be no gossip at work & people in our congregation would’t hear rumors again.
My wife reached for her cycle beads & advanced the ring to the fifth white bead. This silent message that she was in the fertile phase of her cycle was more eloquent than anything she could have said. She started massaging my swelling penis as she asked me if I was certain I’d forgive her if she succumbed to temptation when she could so easily become pregnant. I told her that I’d just have to hope he would be careful. She reminded me of how big his testicles were then pointed out that such a virile, well endowed stud could easily impregnate her even if he was careful. My sudden ejaculation was all rhe answer she needed.

June 13th, 2008 at 2:02 am
Sorry for the double entry.
Needless to say it was difficult to play golf. I kept thinking about wife on her breakfast date. Would they stay by the pool as she had promised or go to a room? Would she resist the temptation to go all of the way or let him seduce her? Would she even ask him to withdraw? Would he restrain himself or would he exploit the opportunity to plant his potent negro seed in a married white woman’s womb?

June 13th, 2008 at 2:23 am
When I arrived in our room I found my wife sleeping & naked under the sheet. I needlessly asked her if she’d been unfaithful. She demurely slid the sheet down past her hips then spread her thighs to display her semen soaked pubic hair. My wife said she hadn’t been completely unfaithful because he had honored her pleas to pull out so he wouldn’t impregnate her.

When I pointed out the semen still seeping from her gaping vagina, my wife said the guy was a bedroom lawyer. She’d actually been able to feel his semen spurting against her cevex before he pulled out to squirt the rest of his load into her pubic hair. He’d laughed at her as he pointed out that she’d asked him to pull out WHEN he ejaculated rather than BEFORE he ejaculated. My wife admitted that she hadn’t been upset because the sensation of his sperm flooding her womb caused her to climax.

My wife also confessed that she’d had sex with h.m several more times. She’d been on top because she couldn’t really trust him. However: each time she’d repeatedly rubbed his penis in her semen soaked pubic hair to thoroughly lubricate it with his sperm. She’d also discovered that because his penis was so much longer than mine, she couldn’t raise herself high enough to copletely free herself. Each time he ejaculated she’d allowed the head to remain lodged between her labia so that she could feel his sperm squirting against her clit!!!

christian said:
August 24th, 2008 at 7:33 pm
Let me begin by saying that i love your blog a lot
now.. back on topic haha

I cant say that I agree with what you typed up… care to clear things up for me?

August 26th, 2008 at 4:27 pm
what do you not agree with? are you oppossed to infidelity or preg risk? I realize that her risky behavior might shock somw. however there is a rosk of pregnancy even if condoms, diaphram or pill or used. this is simply an account of our experience.
cucky4me said:
September 28th, 2009 at 9:43 pm
you are not alone my wife frequently has bareback sex with her lover, 3 to 4 times a month I am very proud of my wife if she gets pregnant so much the better, but I enjoy her and her lover totaly enjoying sex as it was meant to be, we have an active sex life, and I enjoy sharing my wifes pussy with him.

becky said:
October 29th, 2009 at 3:37 am
I have bareback sex 4 or 5 times per month. I use rythym only and have him pull out if I am fertile. But is is soooo erotic when he just BARELY gets out in time! Occasionally I even hold him in to delay the pull out a little. I always wonder why later.

I don’t let my husband in me at all when I’m fertile. We both enjoy tease and denial. I stroke him off while I tell him that my lover almost got me good… that we had another very close call. It usually goes like this… “what if he just pins me down and takes me? He’s so much bigger and stronger than either one of us… I need to know you’ll forgive me… cum for me if it’s okay… He’s gonna get me honey… tell me it’s okay. Squirt it on my panties while you think of him squirting in me…”

I love my husband and he knows that. But I’m just naughty and he doesn’t seem to mind.

June 4th, 2010 at 7:22 pm
xcuck, what resort did you stay at? I would love to take my wife there and see if she succumbs to temptation!

April 25th, 2011 at 3:59 pm
wow! 5 kids and none of them are your husbands, Cinita and Mariano that’s hot! I agree with you two and that what’s important is actually being a parent whether you actually are the bio parent or not. I want the same lifestyle too!

LOIS said:
May 1st, 2011 at 3:18 pm
Hi Mary when a man is in me I dont want him to pull out im so hot then I just want all that cum in me. My husband under stand, when you got something good in you just keep it there.

January 26th, 2012 at 10:46 am
I hope people are still reading this. When I did so, it brought back a lot of good (hot!) memories.
I knew early on in our relationship that, strong though my own sex-drive is, it was nothing compared with my wife’s. She simply needed more sex than I could give her. I felt guilty, she got frustrated and it all looked like it was going to get difficult.

To cut a long story short, we were at a party one night, a large house, loads of rooms. We met up with a guy who we knew fancied my wife. She told me her knickers were really wet for him. We’d had a couple of drinks, both relaxed, and I told her she should fuck him if that’s what she wanted to do.

It took an hour to persuade her and another to persuade the guy she was for real. Anyway, they slipped out to one of the spare bedrooms. Afterwards, my wife said she couldn’t believe how quickly and easily she got naked. The guy was well keen, fucked her fantastically, took her well off the planet.

Only afterwards did she realise he hadn’t used a condom. She’d been so keen she’d just got carried away with the enthusiasm of having him. She didn’t get pregnant. But ‘never again’ she promised me.
But frustration needs relief, and with my gentle encouragement we edged towards a more open lifestyle. She fucked other men, very occasionally and she was very picky at first, and insisted on a condom. In the mean time, we had a child of our own.

It was after that, her late twenties, that she started to chafe a bit. She got much more direct about sex and found there were more men she fancied than she first thought. So have them, I told her, I won’t mind. And I didn’t. Sometimes, at, say, swingers parties, I watched her getting satisfyingly fucked by another man and it seriously turned me on.

After a while, my wife began to complain about the condoms - she’d infinitely prefer sex without them. She loved the intimacy of feeling the warm cock inside her, feeling it mvoing in her, the immediacy of contact, nothing in between, just his cock, his hardness, she wanted to really feel him fucking her, swelling up, filling her, the warm squidgy feel of a man releasing his sperm into her without any barrier.

She liked feeling wet afterwards, if it was during the day, she liked feeling her knickers getting wet as his semen seeped from her pussy. Other women, she knew, found that messy, but for her it was part of sex, good sex. She was kinky enough - in her own view - to like the aroma of sperm long after her lover had gone from her. That’s why I knew she needed other men, men who could give her not only a good fucking but a copious load of sperm as well. And I knew she’d be unprotected and could get pregnant, but it really turned me on a lot.

She’d never been on the pill, didn’t want to. We knew more or less when she was fertile and didn’t have sex if we didn’t want the risk.

After a lot of debate, at my suggestion - and it took a little while for her to do it - we adopted a kind of ‘natural’ approach to sex. She would choose guys who would be more like lovers than one night stands and not have to worry so much about condoms.

I soon accepted that she had other men in her life and that sometimes she would sleep with them, or at least have sex. We also knew now that she got particularly horny when she was fertile - she said it felt like more so now she was past thirty.

We talked about the ‘risk’ thing a lot, but over a few months we grew to accept that if sex was ‘natural’, then everything else was, too. Gradually, my wife stopped worrying about if she was fertile or not. At any one time, she usually had other men she was seeing, and she had sex with them - and me - when the mutual urge took hold.

We both knew what would happen, that sooner or later she would get pregnant, and she did. Over the next few years, we had two more children. I’m as sure as I can be that I’m not the biological father of either, but we knew that when we adopted the lifestyle.

We loved all our kids to bits, still do, and if it took some intense passion with a good, healthy, virile stud to produce them, then that wasn’t a problem for us. It wasn’t, it isn’t.

We know very well this is NOT a lifestyle choice that would suit everyone, but we went ther and don’t regret doing it. Years on, my wife still has other lovers, still has sexual needs that they meet. Our only message - very grandiose! - would be ‘be yourseves, make your own decisions’. It’s your lives, live them how you want to. Just consider the consequences first.

Sex is a good, strong, basic instinct in human beings. Take it and enjoy it to the full
Isabel was new to city life, having moved to the city just after her 19th birthday, and answered the modeling ad without realizing that many such ads turned out to be porn shoots and brothel recruitment ads. A statuesque blonde with large breasts, Isabel had the men in the neighborhood drooling as she approached the run-down house whose address was listed in the advertisement.

Isabel had misgivings when she saw that the address was not that of a professional building, but she desperately needed the money, being on her own and with no luck so far in landing permanent employment, so she summoned up her courage and entered the building. She found herself in a room crowded with two other attractive women and eight men, four of whom were black, two Hispanics and two white.

Isabel was immediately called into a sparsely-furnished back room where a short, fat man sat behind a cheap desk. The man’s eyes lit up when he saw Isabel, by far the most attractive of the women who had responded to the ad. His eyes surveyed the body he planned shortly to bend to his will, paying particular attention to the huge tits straining against the too-tight blouse Isabel had chosen to wear that day.

Despite the magnificent massiveness of her breasts, Isabel had opted not to wear a bra, as she was looking for any advantage she could gain in competing for the modeling job. Mission accomplished; but, she was soon to find that the “job” was not as advertised.

The short, fat man stood up and, reaching across the desk, offered his hand to Isabel, introducing himself, “Hello, my name is Artie; would you be seated, please” Isabel shook his hand, giving her name as she did so, and then sat down--as did Artie. Artie, sensing an opportunity, told Isabel an obvious lie “Listen, Doll, we’ve already filled all of the modeling positions we had. But, if you are interested, we are looking for some extras to fill out our cast list for a soft-core porn video we are shooting, and the money is much better than the modeling job would have paid. There is just a little bit of simple dialog. All we really would want from you is your good looks and some nudity. What do you say”

Isabel hesitated, but considering her financial straits, she did not see many options. “No actual sexual activity, right Just some nude shots” she asked.

Artie replied, “We just want to show those magnificent titties, and we’ll pose you so that the camera angles look like you’re screwing. This is soft-core, so full-on sex is not needed.” Artie wasn’t lying about this; his original intent was a soft-core shoot.

Isabel considered for another moment “How much money are we talking about, here”

Artie “Your hot looks will triple sales; we’d offer $2000 for a couple of hours’ work. And, we’ll pay up front in cash, so it’s tax-free.” Artie knew from experience that that particular phrasing made the offer sound irresistible; it certainly worked on Isabel.

“I guess I can’t pass up a deal like that.” she replied uncertainly.

“Fantastic!” Artie said, counting out 20 $100 bills from a lockbox he pulled out of a desk drawer. “I have enough talent, now, so give me a few minutes to get the cameras running, and then we’ll get started.”

Ten minutes later, Isabel had already been filmed stripping, and was naked on a cheap bed in a back bedroom of the house, legs spread, with one of the white guys lying on top of her, his erect 6-inch cock trapped between their bellies, simulating full-on sex. Artie had a stationary video camera on a tripod and a hand-held camera that he was using to get the action from angles that concealed the lack of full-on sexual penetration. He wasn’t satisfied, though; he knew that if he could get Isabel to go all the way, the video would really sell. He also knew that he had to get Isabel into a receptive state of mind, and time the offer just right.

He crept up beside the guy who was humping away above Isabel on the bed, and whispered instructions into the guy’s ear. The white man nodded, and adjusted the angle of his cock so that it would rub against Isabel’s clitoris each time he humped forward. Isabel gasped at the sudden stimulation, and her pulse quickened with each thrust of the hot penis against her button. Artie watched intently, gauging her sexual response.

He waited as the stimulation brought her closer and closer to orgasmic release. When he knew Isabel’s mind was clouded by pre-orgasmic lust, he made his pitch double the money if she would allow the guys to penetrate and make an x-rated porno tape.

Isabel could barely think as her sexual ecstasy climbed, but she knew she was not on birth control of any kind, and she did not know if these guys were diseased. “Must…use…condom.” she gasped.

Artie was thrilled, but needed to be sure she meant it. “Are you agreeing to full-on sex With all these guys” he asked.

“With…rubbers.” Isabel agreed.

Artie grabbed a condom and threw it to the guy still humping at Isabel, and the guy paused briefly to fumble the package open and roll the condom over his straining cock. As soon as the condom was on, he plowed into Isabel’s cunt with great enthusiasm, driving Isabel closer to an orgasm with Artie filming everything from the most obscene angle he could find. The poor humper lasted less than a minute, howling as he filled the condom with his discharge.

He pulled out and backed off, letting one of the Hispanics have their turn with Isabel. The Hispanic gasped as he entered Isabel’s tight sheath; he had never felt such a tight pussy. Isabel’s orgasm, delayed while her fuckers were switching over, now crashed over her with a vengeance, causing her cunt walls to ripple against the Hispanic’s large 7-inch cock as she moaned in ecstasy. Now, the Hispanic guy groaned anew as he humped faster and faster. Artie was glad he had more guys here; he could see that this guy was not going to last long. Sure enough, 4 minutes later the Hispanic was pulling out and discarding his overloaded condom, leaving Isabel gasping as she approached her second orgasm.

The two largest blacks approached now, one of them jamming his cock into Isabel’s mouth for a blow job, the other preparing to enter Isabel’s pussy.

Inspiration struck the black approaching Isabel’s pussy. As he rubbed his bare black 9-inch trouser monster against Isabel’s clitoris, he told her he had had a vasectomy, and had been tested for VD the prior week and was clean. How about he fuck her bareback

Isabel, seconds from a mind-blowing orgasm, screamed, “Just fuck me, already!” The unsheathed black cock plowed into her, stretching her pussy as it penetrated deeper into her than she had thought possible. If Isabel had been more clear-headed, she would have questioned his claims; although the VD claim was true, the black had never had a vasectomy, and was excited about the possibility of knocking up this unsuspecting white woman.

Artie also knew that the vasectomy story was bullshit, and wanted to make sure he got the withdrawal shot on video; he hoped Isabel’s pussy really gushed with sperm. Artie would not be disappointed; in moments, the black’s humping ass froze in mid-hump, his balls pressed tight against Isabel as they pumped his baby batter as deep in Isabel as humanly possible. Meanwhile, Isabel had finally reached her second orgasm of the evening, moaning loudly as her pussy spasmed, drawing the dangerous man-juice to her twitching, unprotected cervix, and up into her womb. When the black finally quit groaning and pulled out, gobs of semen followed his cock, running out of Isabel’s pussy crack onto the sheets below. Artie barely managed to capture the moment on video before another black moved in to fill the void.

Meanwhile, the black man at Isabel’s mouth had been slamming his cock down her throat, his balls bouncing against her nose as he deep-fucked Isabel’s oral passage. Isabel, still reeling from the aftershocks of her intense orgasm and unable to see beyond the cock plowing into her throat, was not even aware that there had been a change in riders at her cunt. The new bare black fuck stick in her pussy soon had her well on her way to orgasm number three. This guy would not be asking permission or forgiveness.

The black cock in her throat swelled, and Isabel coughed and sputtered as the huge organ pumped more cum than her little mouth could handle. She tried to swallow as fast as she could, a defensive reflex to prevent herself from drowning in the viscous sperm, but some of the cum bubbled out around the base of the still-plunging cock, running down her cheeks and into her hair.

Even as the black pole plunged down Isabel’s throat one last time, and held there for a moment to drain the last couple shots of fuck juice directly down her throat, the cock in her pussy unleashed a massive batch of fresh baby-seeds deep within her. Her third orgasm, delayed by the momentary lack of oxygen resulting from the cock ensheathed in her throat, crashed over Isabel the moment the cock withdrew from her mouth, allowing her to finally inhale deeply. Cum and saliva still dripped from the deflating cock onto Isabel’s face, and Artie delightedly caught the whole scene on video.

Meanwhile, the black stud in Isabel’s pussy withdrew his cock, a string of cum stretching from its tip to Isabel’s cunt before the cum-string finally broke, dropping to the already well-soiled mattress. Isabel never realized that this was the second black man to drop his sperm-load into her unprotected pussy.

Now, the second Hispanic stepped forward. Taking his cue from the earlier black man, he told Isabel that he, too, had had a vasectomy. Isabel, still nearly delirious from the mind-blowing orgasms, simply nodded her head and let him plow into her pussy completely uncovered, wrapping her arms around him as he began plowing into her. His pistoning rod drove the black men’s cum deeper into her womb, using their loads to lubricate his rapid plow-fest. As with the other pussy-fuckers, his orgasm came quickly, the circumstances of the fuck exciting him beyond anything he had ever imagined.

He pressed his balls against Isabel’s ass as they jumped, pumping his cum deep in the abused and stretched cunt-hole. Although he had not lasted long, he had held up long enough to bring Isabel to yet another mind-shattering orgasm, and her cervix dipped repeatedly into the pool of sperm that had been deposited within her, drawing the multiracial swimmers into her womb. The intensity of this last orgasm caused Isabel to actually pass out momentarily.

The remaining two men, saying they were not in to sloppy seconds, had already left the premises, as had the other female “models”, unwilling to go as far as full-on porn like the slut they were watching. Artie didn’t care; he had plenty of footage to cut together a great-selling video or two. His only regret was that he had not brought some Viagra with him, so that he himself could have a go at the hot bitch on the mattress before him. He paid off the men who had performed in the video, and they beat a hasty retreat, leaving Artie to look after their worn-out fuck-toy.

As Isabel recovered from the intense fuck-sessions, Artie reviewed the video and counted out the remaining cash he had promised to Isabel. Ashamed that she had allowed her passions to overwhelm her common sense, Isabel took the money and hastily dressed, leaving the building and the neighborhood as fast as she possibly could.

Unfortunately for Isabel, that was not the end of the story. As the weeks went by, she realized that her period would not be arriving, and that she had been lied to about the vasectomies. She could not bring herself to abort the baby, even though she knew it would be an interracial baby, and that she could not support it. After she took a home pregnancy test and confirmed her fears,

Isabel returned to the dilapidated building to ask Artie to help her track down the prospective father, but the house had been abandoned immediately following the video shoot. Isabel had no way to find the man who had fathered her bastard child. Isabel found a job as a waitress at a diner, and, as her belly got bigger and bigger, she finally made her way to a doctor, who confirmed that she was pregnant…with twins. Isabel felt like screaming, as her nightmare got even worse. She decided she would give the babies up for adoption.

Finally, just short of 9 months from the day of the shoot, Isabel went into labor. The babies were born healthy, a boy and a girl, but they looked nothing alike. Although their mother was clearly lily-white, the boy was coal-black, the girl clearly Hispanic in appearance. The medical professionals attending had seen many different births, but this one raised their eyebrows, being the first time they had seen twins born from different fathers. Even though they said nothing, Isabel felt utterly ashamed to realize that she had been lied to by both fathers, and she had no clue who were the fathers of the two bastards. Isabel refused to even look at the babies after the birth; she put them up for adoption, and left the hospital in disgrace.
My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We are 32 and 29. We got married while he was in Post Graduate Business School. Today we are moving to his new job.We have been trying to get me pregnant for the last two years. We have talked about what we would do if I didn’t get pregnant and were down to just a few options. One night, he suggested that we use a donor if I weren’t expecting in another year. I ask him who would be the donor. He suggested my old boyfriend, Jerry, who lives in California.

I have thought about that every since he suggested it. I was in love with Jerry at one time and to have his baby seemed strange but exciting. Jerry was the first man I had sex with and he told me afterwards that being the first gave him the right to always have me. Maybe, that was true?

The moving man came this morning to look at what we were moving. His name was Carter and he had a Boston accent. Kind of cute. I showed him around our apartment and offered him a drink. I sat across from him and let my legs open a little so he could just see my panties. I thought it was funny that he could not stop sneaking looks. My husband came home and we talked for some time. Then Carter said that he had to find a motel for the night. I was surprised when my husband said he could stay in our extra bedroom. Carter accepted the offer and my mind went to work. I imagined all sorts of things.

We went out for the evening and about thirty minutes after we got back, Carter knocked on the door. I let him and we all had a few drinks. Just enough to take the edge off. At about 11:00 we decided it was bedtime so I showed Carter his room (next to ours) and we all got ready for bed. I put on a short, see through gown and lay down next to my husband.

In a few minutes, he was asleep and I was still wide awake. I started think about what it would be like to get into bed with Carter. He did appeal to me sexually and he noticed me. It would be so strange. My husband had rolled over on his side and was sound asleep. Then, I wondered why my husband offered Carter the room. Maybe he wanted something to happen???????????

I had the urge to go into Carter’s room and see what would happen. I turned back the sheets and stood up. My husband was still asleep.I was so much aroused, I could feel the wetness oozing out. I quietly opened the door and went down the hall to Carter’s room I let myself in. There was a night light on and I could see that he was still awake. I stood beside the bed and took my gown off my sholders. It dropped to the floor.

Neither of us said anything. I turned back his sheets and lay down beside him. It seemed like a long time but I am sure it was only a minute. I reached over and took his hand and put it between my legs.

I was so wet. Then, I reached over and held his cock. It was very large and hard. I started to stroke it but I was afraid he would cum.

I opened my legs and he rolled over on top of me. I tool hold of his rod and he is bigger than my fist. He was jerking forward, eager to couple with me. I held his rod and did not allow him to enter me but aimed his rod to my clit and it was good while he is hitting on it.

I thought of my husband lying beneath a stranger with his rod in my hands and myself spread wide. It was very erotic to think that I was about to couple with a stranger in quest of a baby and my hubby happily sleeping alone in the next room.

He bent forward and started to knead my medium sized breasts, twirling my nipples between his fingers. He put his mouth to the other breast and started to chew my hard nipple. It was very erotic while his hot mouth is on my breast.

I could not resist any further. He is bone hard and I pulled back his foreskin completely and put him into my wetness.
He pushed eagerly and I jerked involuntarily as his rod head entered me and it stretched me. I left his rod and put my arms around his neck and pulled him down. My legs automatically went round his waist. He started to jab forward and with each movement, he buried himself into me. He made a resolute push and he buried himself completely into me and a moan escaped my mouth.

We were completely coupled and connected and he was deep inside me and I could feel him very hot and hard inside me. It felt so good, I started to moan. He started to pull out of me and I could not take it and I humped from beneath and he came inside me again to my satisfaction.

He started to move and fuck me furiously and I was humping from beneath. I started having one orgasm after another. I told him to fill me. He speeded up and I could feel him further stiffening and his rod became bigger and the moment I was waiting came.

He started to erupt deep inside me, chewing my lips and nipples alternately. I was in heaven feeling his kisses and him coming inside me and I could feel each of his spurts inside me and I could feel his seed splashing inside my womb. I wanted it so badly. I put my legs around him so he couldn’t get out. He lay on top of me until he got smaller. I got up and put my gown back on. We didn’t say anything.

His cum filled me and was running down my legs. It was so great. I had never been fucked like that or wanted it more. I went back to our bedroom and lay down beside my husband. I could smell the cum so I was glad he was still asleep.

I really would like my husband to fill me too. It turned me on if he mixed his cum with Carter’s. Maybe when we get to our new house.

My husband did make love to me later in the new house. I missed my next period and the next and my Doctor confirmed that I was in a family way. I was sure it’s the work of Carter and my lovely hubby thinks its his. May be! Or may not be?
My name is Pam and this is
a description of how I lost my cherry, actually I got little more then just having my cherry popped out and I, never got the names of the two black guys I, did it with?

I am white 5` 4" tall 110-pound 36C breasts and long brown hair.

As I, remember it at the time I was 18 Years old and a virgin, It was a very hot Day I, was a freshman in College. The Day it happened I'd taken my last test for the Year. I was renting a house off campus with tow other girls Mary & Joeann. Mary was white, Joann she was black and I was the only virgin. My two roommates would make fun of me all the time about being a virgin, and the two girls would have guys over the house all the time, and I would go to my room or go out.

I got home about 3:30 mp little did I know at the time my two roommates were going to set me up to have my cherry popped that night at a party that I was unaware of.

At home the three of us were just sitting around in T-shirts and panties being it was so very hot we started drinking Rum and Cola, for me it was the first time having a hard drink. After two or three drinks I was very drunk and my roommates invited some guys over for a drinking party that night.

Some one was at the door when Mary open it, four or five guys came in at first and I was a little shocked and very uncomfortable, being that I was only dressed in a T-shirt and panties. Then Joann said relax Pam you are wearing more than your bikini swimsuit would cover. With in minutes the house was full of people I'd never seen before, from that point on my glass was full all the time with Rum & cola. " Little more Rum then Cola each time a guy filled my glass".

I started dancing with two really nice black guys, as the two guys danced with me each one put his hands into my panties on my ass, feeling me up and pulling me up in to their bodies so their crotches were pressed into mine. I was getting really hot and I felt my vagina was getting really wet each time the two guys would make out with me. When I was dancing with them they continued grope me for hours, the their hands were all over me like a couple of Octopuses. After one or two more drinks I forgot all about the other people in the house, and I was so drunk and dizzy at that point. Before long the next thing I new the three of us were naked in my bedroom on my bed, my room was dark with only my night light on.

I was laying on my back when one of the guys was sucking on my nipples really hard as the other one was french kissing my virgin vagina. I think I came two or three times, but this being the first time a guy or guys got this far with me I never new what it would feel like. "I WAS LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT ".

When the first guy stopped frenching my vagina, he got up to get on top of me. I looked down but it was so dark in my room and the guy was black, I never got a good look at the guy's penis, and being so drunk and dizzy it did not help. What really shocked me at that point was that the two guys never put a finger inside my vagina opening.

The first guy got on top of me, and pressed his body down onto me to the point I, was pined to my bed with my legs spread wide open. He started kissing me really hard, I felt something REALLY BIG AND REALLY HARD being pushed up into my vagina opening. He stuck it all the way up inside me with out stopping, I really felt my hymen membrane rip open it was like a electrical shock of pain that ripped through me as his really big penis head slammed very hard right into my cervix THAT REALLY HURT LIKE CRAZY. I really screamed crying out in pain as I felt the walls of my vagina being really stretched over the really big penis that was deep inside me, the shock of pain was really overpowering.

The other guy lying next to me said, " Hey babe now your womb is open the hard part is over”. After he said that, the one that was deep inside me started to pump his penis in and out, it hurt a little at first, but not as bad as when he first pushed it all the way inside me. The pain was gone just as fast as it came. I was thinking being so drunk I would never feel pain. Now I know if I wasn't drunk the pain would've killed me.

At that point the more he fucked me the more it felt really good. As he fucked me hard I felt his penis get very hard, and he was pushing it further into me. He yelled, and I felt a sudden hot gush deep inside me, a feeling of something being pumped deep in the back of my womb, filling me up. After the gushing feeling stopped his penis felt like it was getting really soft, and it fell out of me. Just as he got up off of me the other black guy took his place.

He entered me just as fast and hard as the first guy did.” MAN DID HE REALLY HURT ME HIS PENIS WAS BIGGER THEN THE FIRST GUY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really yelled out in pain as I felt my vagina opening being stretched farther apart, as he slide it all the way up inside me. I tried to spread my legs farther a part thinking it would help with the pain as he forced all of it inside me. It really hurt me, and took me a little time to adjust to the size of the penis as he slowly fucked me. I cried really hard at first just as the pain stopped and it started feeling good I told him to fuck me good and hard.

He put his hands on each side of my waist pulling my body so my ass was at the edge of the bed. Then he started to pump me very fast I screamed, and started cumming as he slammed me so hard and fast that my breasts were rolling and knocking around on my chest like two balls of jelly. Almost to the point my breasts started to hurt so I grabbed them with my hands at that point. I did not know what was going, and I think I passed out after he came. At that point it was hard for me to remember anything.

The next morning when I got up, my head was hurting really bad from the effects of all the drinking I did the night before. At first I was thinking I was Dreaming, but my breasts and nipples were hurting and my vagina was very sore. Not to mention I was bleeding a little. Joann & Mary went home for two weeks and Joann put a note on my bed room door, it said "

For a VIRGIN you are one wild girl did you have fun at your cherry popping party you really shocked me doing it with two guys all night long, see you in to weeks."

It had taken me a day or two to recover, but my nipples were black and blue for a good week about. Four or five weeks after having sex for the first time I started getting a funny feeling deep in the pit of my stomach.

When I got up in the morning I had a quivering feeling two or three times a Day, this went on for about a week. Then I began thinking I never got my period! So I did the test to see if I was pregnant, and the test said I was, so I did the test two more times and I, was PREGNANT!

I told Joann "I’m in big trouble I’m pregnant, and I need the names of your two friends that popped my cherry and knocked me up the night of the party?"

Joann looked at me with a shocked look on her face, She Replied "My two friends! The guys we got to have sex with you were white, when they saw you making out and getting it on with two black guys they backed off! I was thinking the two guys were your friends! No one at the party new the two guys' names, so we all were thinking you new the guys."

I never did get the names of the two black guys that popped my cherry and knocked me up.

BUT THE SEX WAS THE BEST EVER TO THIS DAY! No guy ever fucked me as good as the two black guys that did me first.

SO GIRLS: Get the name of the guy or guys first before you start drinking and get drunk or you may end up like me getting your cherry popped and getting a little more out of having sex like knocked up with the guy's BABY!