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Paul writes

Throughout the years I've found many opportunities to show off my wife's body. The types of exposure have varied from a quick flash to total nudity. However, all of these experiences have been when there's some kind of boundary, or distance between her and whoever is looking. The most common exposure has been while riding in the car, or through open windows. However, I wanted something more close up so just about every year, when she asks what I'd like for a birthday present, I've asked her to get totally nude in front of some other men for me.

After my continual begging she finally began to ask how it could be done, and to whom would she be exposing herself. She seemed to be afraid to expose herself to someone that she might see later on. Finally, she agreed to go through with it if I could figure out a way she wouldn't ever have to know who it was that was seeing her naked. After some more discussion we finally settled on a plan that would have her wear a mask through the whole event so she wouldn't see any of the men who would be watching her.

She was still very nervous about it all, and it took a few more months before she finally let me go ahead and set it up. I didn't have any problem finding volunteers for the evening. The first four men I asked all eagerly said they'd like to be part of this. Three of them hadn't met her, but the other guy was a friend that didn't live far too from us. He and I had talked many times about showing and looking at each others wives, and had even traded a few nude pictures of our wives.

When the night finally arrived Sam was really quite nervous, but said she was willing to go through with it as long as it was what I really wanted from her. She was waiting in the bedroom upstairs as the guys arrived and settled into the living room. Since she was going to be wearing a blindfold the whole evening one of the guys brought his video camera along, at my request, and set it on a tripod to record the evening without her knowledge.

We put on some rather loud music to cover up the voices, and as the guys settled in I went upstairs to lead Sam down. She was sitting on the bed with the blindfold already in place by the time I got upstairs. All she asked was how many are there, and when I asked if she was ready she only nodded yes. I took her hand and lead her downstairs and into the living room. I felt that her hand was trembling, but she followed without any resistance. Once we reached the spot on which the camera was focused I stopped and moved around behind her.

This seemed to be an awkward time, not knowing what to do next, or how to go about taking off her clothes. For a few moments I simply stood behind her and hugged her. This seemed to calm her down a bit so I reached up and unfastened the top button on her blouse. I could hardly believe what was going to happen, finally my wish, my dream of many years, was going to come true. I really had to hold myself back to not just tear off her clothes, but to make this last more than a few minutes. As slowly as possible I unbuttoned her blouse, and then slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to the side. She was wearing a black lace bra that gave a nice preview look of her breasts to the guys. I held her for a little while longer, kissing her and rubbing her breasts through the material, until her nipples became hard enough to push out the fabric.

Next came her skirt, there was almost no way to do this slowly since it was only one button and a zipper. As soon as the zipper was down the skirt fell to the floor around her ankles showing off her sheer black lace panties. She quickly stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. Although she was now standing in front of four men in her sheer lace underwear she still felt covered up since nothing "private" was showing.

I continued to hug and kiss her for a few more minutes as I rubbed her body both though, and inside of, her underwear. I was trying to give the guys some peaks at her nipples and pussy, and they were closely watching. Sooner or later I figured I'd better get on with the show so I unhooked her bra. As soon as the clasp let go she straightened up, crossed her arms, and got very stiff. I slide the straps down to her elbows, but since she had her arms crossed the bra cups still covered her breasts. I finally had to unfold her arms and move them to her sides. While doing this her bra slowly slid down and fell on the floor. She instinctively lifted her arms to cover herself, but stopped since she knew I wanted to expose her. She was having a hard time knowing what to do with her arms, but eventually just held them at her sides so her breasts were totally exposed to the men.

I kept whispering in her ear how proud I was of her, and how great she looked. Since I was standing behind her I began to play with her breasts and roll her nipples into hard little points. Some of the guys also began to compliment her on how good she looked and she seemed to relax enough so I could take off her last piece of clothing.

As I began to slide her panties down I continued to tell her how happy I was that she was doing this for me, how great she looked, and how proud I was that she could go through with this and be totally nude in front of these guys. Once her panties reached the floor she quickly stepped out of them.

Now she was completely naked, totally exposed to four men, sitting just a few feet away from her, in our living room. Once again she seemed to get nervous so I turned her around to face me for awhile as I continued to hug and kiss her and tell her how great she was doing.

This also gave the guys a good opportunity to check out her ass. She seemed to regain her composure a little bit so I once again turned her to face the men. I spent a few minutes rubbing her pussy, breasts and pulling her nipples, all of which seemed to encourage her, and excite the men. She still didn't know what to do with her hands, it seemed like she wanted to keep covering herself up, so I eventually folded them across her stomach.

By now it had been almost an hour since she had entered the room fully clothed, and about 15 minutes of totally nudity had passed. Since everything was going so well I leaned over to whisper in her ear that I wanted her to let the men touch her body now. She didn't really get a chance to say much, just a weak "oh no" as I pushed her over to stand in front of the closest guy.

He immediately began to grope her body as I stood behind her hugging her. She flinched when he began to suck on her hard nipple, but couldn't go anywhere. Almost as quickly as he had started on her nipple one of the others jumped up and began to lick and suck on her other breast.

At this point I stepped back and allowed my neighbor friend to come in behind her. He started to kiss her neck and through his pants began rubbing his hard erection on her ass. Not wanting to be left out of the action the last guy got down in front of her and somehow managed to get her legs far enough apart to start licking her pussy.

I don't think she could tell who's hands were where, or even if I was part of what was going on. I was really enjoying watching my wife get worked over by these four guys, it seemed like every inch of her body was getting attention from somebody's hands or mouth. I was beginning to wonder if she would have an orgasm, fall to the floor in a nervous heap, or perhaps even turn and try to run away.

After a few minutes of this non-stop groping and sucking my neighbor stepped back a little and quickly let his pants drop to the floor. Although Sam was still blindfolded I think she suspected something was going on before his cock came into contact with her bare ass. Once again she started to look uncomfortable, and looked like she wanted to cover herself up with her hands, but all her private areas were occupied with someone's mouth or hand. I was beginning to wonder where this might go, I wouldn't let them rape her, but I certainly was going to let it go as far as she was willing.

It didn't take long before all of the guys had dropped their pants, and one of them had even managed to catch one of her nervous hands and get it wrapped around his cock. To my surprise she actually began pumping his cock in time to the other cock rubbing on her ass. Just about this time another cock was placed in her other hand and I saw my neighbor stiffen up and shoot his load of cum into the crack of her ass.

He held on tightly to her hips until he was finished and when he released her she started to wobble a little as she began to have an orgasm from the man sucking and licking her pussy. While she twitched, and pressed her pussy against his mouth, she stopped the hand jobs she had been giving. When she had finished he let go of her ass and moved back from her pussy. She seemed to almost "involuntarily" slide down to the floor on her knees to relax.

She still had a hand on each of the cocks, only now she was down on a level with them. I knew that she hadn't realized what this would do to her, but as soon as she began to pump their cocks again I saw that she was going to get a cum bath. It wasn't long before it happened, and as soon as one of the cocks began to shoot it's load at the side of her head she quickly turned away. However, this only set her up to catch the full load from the other cock directly in the face.

She once again turned away, but by now her face, shoulders and hair were quite covered with cum that began to slowly run down to the rest of her body. She was a mess, but was still holding on to both of the cocks when I leaned over and suggested that she should return the favor to the man who had gotten her off orally.

She didn't answer me, but simply nodded her head, and as he placed his cock against her lips she opened her mouth and took it in. Now, she's never had any type of sex with another person before, so this was a new experience for everyone involved. I moved the video camera around so I could zoom in on her cum covered face as she sucked a strange man's cock.

Although she didn't seem to participate very willingly it wasn't long before he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She started to gag and choke as his load of cum was deposited far back in her mouth. He kept his cock rammed into her mouth as long as possible, and when he finally pulled it out a long string on cum slid out of her mouth and down her chin unto her breasts.

Sam didn't say anything and didn't move; but simply stayed kneeling on the floor. I think that she was expecting someone else to step up and use her mouth, but no one was ready so as I helped her up and led her into the bathroom to wash up I told the guys to let themselves out.
Cuckold Confessions
Sam writes
I walked in on my wife on her back on our bed with her thick legs wrapped around a manís back. Hereís the story on how I became a cuckold. After an executive lunch meeting, I ducked in at home on my way to work for no reason at all other than my home is less than two miles from the conference hall and itís kinda sorta on the way back to work. I kicked off my shoes, turned on ESPN, and checked the answering machine. I had about a half hour to kill, so I just lounged in my recliner. Then I thought Iíd tool around on the internet for a few, so I made my way to the bedroom. As I walked down the hallway I heard my wife talking, or so I thought. Music was playing in the bedroom, which I thought was different. She never really listened to music on her own. If it was on, then she would listen. I called out to her, but she didnít respond. I almost walked through the door when I saw her on the bed with her supervisor.
I stood there for what seemed like forever, and then I zombie-walked back into the living room. I tried to gather my thoughts, but my heart was racing one hundred miles an hour. I had the shakes and I started to physically sweat. I walked slowly back to the bedroom and looked through the door between the hinges. My wife had her legs wrapped around him, and was kissing his mouth and rubbing all over his back. It was primal. She was moaning. He was grunting, and they couldnít stop kissing. When he told her he was going to cum, she held tightly to him. His butt started jerking, and he let out a half grunt half sigh. He wasnít wearing a condom either.

He rolled off of her, and they lay there for a few seconds talking lightly. I couldnít hear their words over the music. She got up and went to the bathroom, and then came back and lay down in the crux of his arm. She was tracing her fingers over his abdomen and chest as they talked a little more. I debated heading back to work as I was already going to be late, but I couldnít leave. She traced her hand down to his cock. In no time he was rock hard again. His cock was really thick. She couldnít get her fingers all the way around it. It was dark purplish red and just looked different. I had never seen another guyís dick other than in adult movies, and I didnít really focus on it much. Now it was just a big nasty thing that my wife put her mouth on. His cock was leaking pre-cum and glistening when she started sucking it. Funny thing looking back was my dick was hard and it was oozing out lots of pre-cum too. He groaned and put his hand on her shoulder to signal his orgasm. Seconds later you could see him ejaculate into her mouth. She kept him in her mouth for several seconds after he came. When she slipped his dick out of her mouth, he relaxed on the bed, and she went up next to him again. She never spit it out!

I figured they must have been together before, because they had the whole routine worked out. They talked some more, and then they both went into the bathroom. I left through the garage where I saw her car parked. I didnít bother waiting for them. I went back to work where I was no use for the rest of the day. She called me about an hour later to see if we wanted to go out for dinner. She was matter of fact like nothing ever happened.
We went out to dinner. I donít know how I got through dinner without saying anything about it. When we got home, she started some laundry and started doing busy work. I went to the computer and started searching for evidence or anything. I didnít find anything. It didnít matter because I had seen it all with my own eyes.

When we went to bed, she just rolled over on her side away from me. That usually meant she was tired, and there probably wouldnít be anything sexual unless I bitched. So I bitched, and she just got irritated with me. Then I unleashed on her with everything I saw. She did the exact opposite of what I thought she would do. She went into denial. She denied everything. She was so good at lying that I can see where if I wasnít there to view it, I would have believed her lies.

I was pissed and relentless. She finally caved, and then she did something else I was unprepared for. She started sobbing and begging forgiveness. I expected her to admit it and then ask for a divorce or something along those lines. She seemed genuine. I made her tell me everything. I wanted to know how long. I wanted to know where, and then I wanted to know why. As she was telling me everything, I started getting hard. I tried not to think about it, but I couldnít help it and it kept getting harder. She noticed, and started rubbing it through my boxers. The more she told me, the harder and more turned on I got.

She then said she needed to shower first. I told her I couldnít wait, and I didnít want to wait for her to shower. She restated that said she needed to clean up first. I told her it didnít matter. I pulled off her pjís first, and she sort of started getting into it. She stopped crying, but she was still breathing funny. Then I leaned down and started to pull her panties down. They were black cotton and kind of regular looking. As I worked them down to her knees I caught the smell of their sex. It was kind of pungent at first. I wanted to turn away from it, but I didnít. I just kept working her panties down. I saw his stains or her stains, not sure which on the crotch of the panties. She obviously didnít bother putting on new panties.

I entertained the thought of going down on her, but I just couldnít get up the nerve to. I had already crossed too many lines, and that one was too much for me. I spread her legs, and started rubbing her thighs like I usually do. Her pussy lips were a little puffy and red. She said she was a little sore there, but it was ok. I slid it inside her, and it didnít go in as easily as I thought it would. I imagined it would slip right in like I thought sloppy seconds meant. It was actually like everyday sex, except I knew in the back of my mind I was having sloppy seconds with my own wife. And, I was the second. I didnít last that long, and I came inside her - her second or third time that day, but my first.

Then we had the marathon talk session for the next five nights maybe longer. She said she would never cheat again. It was over. She would find someplace else to work. She would take a lie detector test. We worked things out I guess. It supercharged our sex life, even though it changed the dynamics of our relationship for good.

We got to where she would tell me stories of her cheating while she was stroking me with lotion. It was very intense, and I couldnít cum without hearing her talk about her infidelity. This went on for a couple of months until I felt like I needed more. So, we talked about her seeing him again - this time with my permission.

We set it up for a weekend when I was supposedly out of town. He was reluctant to come over because of the previous situation and my wife breaking it off with him because I found out, but you canít keep a horny man away. So, he came to see her. I set up our video camera in the bedroom. It was out in the open, but it blended with the bedroom so it didnít stand out. They sat at the foot of the bed, and then it was like a switch turned on. They started kissing and groping each other for a few minutes. He leaned her back on the bed, lifted up her skirt, and pulled her panties down. When her panties her halfway down, he stuck his face in her crotch and started eating her out. He didnít move his head away, and he still got her panties down to her ankles. She slipped them the rest of the way off and spread her legs wide for him. It took about five minutes for her to curl her toes, arch her back, and gasp a few times. If she was faking it, give her an academy award.

Then it was his turn. She knelt before him, and took his pants off. He had on white boxer briefs and you could see a tent poking out. She put her mouth on him with his boxers still on. She licked his balls through his boxers and she nuzzled her face all around him. He just fell back onto the bed with his legs hanging from the bed like she was earlier. She kissed his thighs and legs all the way down as she slipped his briefs off. His purple cock looked bigger on the video. It was obviously wet. You could see it glistening in her small hands. She started kissing her way up his legs, and stopped at his balls. She pushed his dick up with her hand, and started licking his balls while slowly stroking him. After a couple of minutes she licked the whole length of his shaft, and then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. He groaned. He lasted maybe one minute probably sooner than that. He lifted up to tell her he was cumming. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and he shot his load all over the floor, the foot of the bed, and her hands. It was like a river of cum.

She glanced at the camera and then got a towel to wipe up. They rested for a few minutes and actually started talking about her old work. She was rubbing his cock the whole time they were talking. When he was ready, he got between her legs. She reached for his dick, and guided it in slowly. After it was in they slowly started having sex. It was slow and deliberate. There was lots of touching and kissing and caressing. She had her legs rested over his arms just under his shoulders. Gradually he started to thrust harder. You could hear her exhaling lightly with each thrust. She held him by the neck, and massaged him the whole time. After about five minutes he inched closer to her making her legs go up a little higher, and then he twitched his back and butt as he came inside her. She was on the pill, but it still made a little anxious to see him cumming inside her like that.
They kicked back for a few more minutes, and I figured the show was over. It wasnít. She wriggled her way down to his crotch, and started kissing his abdomen and thighs and balls. She kissed everywhere but his dick. His dick shot back up to attention in seconds. Then she did the lick from the bottom of his balls all the way to the tip top and followed up by putting his dick back into her mouth. She sucked his cock for a few seconds, and the he flipped her over doggie style.
As slow and gentle as he was missionary style, it was a whole new ballgame doggie style. After she guided his dick inside her, he just started pounding her sex. Her boobs were slapping left and right and forward and backward. Her ass was jiggling with each thrust, and her face contorted with each stroke. He held her by her hips, and roughly used his arms to pull her ass back towards him. He slapped her ass cheeks hard enough to make them red. She gasped with each slap, but you could tell she liked it. That was something we had never done. You could see him rubbing her butt just short of sticking any fingers in. My wife always insisted ďexit onlyĒ, and it was nice she did the same with him too. When he was done, he shot his load all over her lower back and ass. He groaned and then planted his dick between her butt cheeks, and let it slide up and down her crack while he relaxed. She arched her ass towards him as he slid his cock on her backside. That was a sight to see-my wife with a big cock rubbed between her cheeks with sperm all over her backside.

He got his clothes on, and my wife put her panties on. She walked him to the door topless, and then called me to come home. When I got home, she was in her panties and bra on the bed with an evil little smile. That was the first of many experiences. It is easily the most memorable. That was the day she became a hotwife, and I became a willing cuckold. And, I wouldnít have it any other way.
"How it felt so alive in her hand, she thought. Her husbandís lips were still sucking on her tits as she pulled Victorís cock towards her face.
Victor glanced up at the ceiling and groaned as his cock became enveloped by the wetness of her mouth. Apple rolled her tongue around the head of his cock, opening her mouth wide enough to push more of him inside. Bobby pulled his head from her tits and opened his mouth too to suck some of Victorís cock. They passed his cock back and forth to each other.

At one time, Bobby paid concentration to his two sacs while Apple went on slurping on his shaft till Victor couldnít hold it any longer as he felt himself cum inside her mouth. Apple swallowed all that he had to offer, and when she was done cleaning him up turned to her husband and offered some of his semen to him.

They decided to take things into the bedroom. Bobby helped his wife out of her petticoat. Done with that, she grabbed hold of Victor by his shaft, led him towards the bedroom, leaving her husband to undress as well as gather up their clothes. Apple came up on the bed, presenting her ample bottom for Victorís inspection. "

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ďIÖ.IÖ.I am not gay you know.Ē
ďI know that Billy. Neither am I.Ē He told him as he withdrew his hand. ďBut I know you will willingly suck my cock before I fuck her Billy, make sure it is extra hard for her. I also know you will suck me afterwards Billy; clean me up after I have cum deep inside her. Some husbands like to taste their wives juices on another manís cock and you will be one of those who enjoy it; just like you will enjoy going down on her afterwards as well. Cleaning up all that cum; my cum Billy, as it oozes out of her. And afterwards I will toss you off Billy; masturbate you while I tell you what a great shag Suzy was; make you cum as you hear how tight she felt while she gave herself too me. You will enjoy the humiliation of it all Billy.Ē

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Cuckold Stories
Colin writes

My name is Colin and I am a cuckold! Ė I know it sounds like the introduction you make at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.....lol.

I have been cuckolded for about the last nine of our twelve year marriage. I have always had a thing about watching my wife with another man Ė donít ask me why, I donít understand the psycho-babble behind it. All I know is that the feelings I have when she is with another man and the aftermath are unequalled in anything life has to offer.

At first it was all fantasy talk in the bedroom but then Dawn began to get serious about it. She began to initiate the bedroom talk and talked also about guys she knew.I kept telling her to go ahead and she did. She had actually slept with her first guy five times before telling me that she had cuckolded me. She was scared of my reaction and so she described what they did as if it were just part of the fantasy talk but one night it all sounded so real the way she described it. When I told her that if I didnít know her better I would swear she had actually done it I looked at her and saw the look on her face and I immediately knew that she had slept with someone else.

My reaction was one of being stunned; hurt and extremely horny. It was hard to explain really. She took hold of my cock and the next moment we were at it like rabbits. I fucked her twice on the trot, something I hadnít done for years, and the following few days were like a second honeymoon! She never told me who he was and in fact has never named any of the guys she has slept (except for one).Neither has she told me how many guys she has slept with. That was part of the deal, if you like. I would never see her with anyone else; never be given names and of course, and have no say in who she sleeps with.

I have my suspicions about some of my close friends and work colleagues; I can see that there is chemistry between them and Dawn; but I donít ask and I donít really want to know. The humiliation is part of the allure about being cuckolded. She rarely announces her couplings before they occur and I know that she doesnít always tell me about every one afterwards. Some, I know, are special to her.

My job takes me away from home about three nights a month and I know that she does not sleep alone when I am away; although with the children getting older she has to be more careful nowadays. She also has the odd night out and as she works part-time she has lots of time in the day for encounters.

As I mentioned, we have children, three girls to be precise. I am certain that I am the father of the eldest; she came along before the cuckolding started and anyway she looks like me. With our middle daughter we only had sex three times during the conception and I was made to wear a condom each time Ė yes, she deliberately set out to get pregnant by another man! With our youngest daughter I did have sex with her once without protection so there is a slim chance that she is mine. However, it doesnít really matter to me who the father is. I love them and my wife and there is a special sexual excitement in knowing my wife has been impregnated by another man.

As for black guys, yes, she has gone black. Last year she went away to Barbados for a two week holiday alone. She showed me a picture of a Jamaican guy with his arm around her taken outside a beach bar that he jointly owns. The only details I got from her was that he had an extremely thick one and he kept her awake half the night with it!

She is going back in March this year. While there she met some girls from Newcastle who go every year and she keeps in contact with them. They are going as well.On the plane the rings come off and they have two weeks living like single girls!

So there it is. Am I happy? Very much so. We are both very happy. Most of the people we grew up around and got married have all split up; we rarely argue and people comment that we are a contented couple. I personally believe that behind the majority of break-ups is sex. If the sex is crap then it fosters other resentments be it finances, work etc. We have a great sex life. Dawn is free to explore her sexual side and unlike other she girls she knows, she doesnít have to sneak around for sexual satisfaction.

Will she ever me for another man? I doubt it. As she often says ďI can have my cake and eat it.Ē And I know that when a guy starts to get too involved and wants to control her he is on his way. Dawn is a free spirit and like to keep it that way.

So what do I get out of it? Well unless you are being cuckolded you will never fully understand the extreme pleasures that come with the combination of sexual excitement and the jealousy. All I know that there is nothing so fulfulling as lying next to your wife in bed and she is slowly masturbating you while she tells you about her sexual encounter. It is mind blowing!

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She has fun humiliating me in front of her lovers. She loves to show me off to her boyfriends. She loves me to drop down on my knees and suck the cock that will be fucking her.

I also must keep her cunt wet at all times and when her lovers are done with her I must lick up the cum that is pooled in her pussy and ass. I also have to clean the cock that has just fucked her, that includes sucking on his balls and licking his asshole before I am done.

Our bedroom is equipped with cameras that catch all the action; they are mounted on all four walls and the ceiling. My wife sales the videos on the Internet. It makes me feel horny knowing that other people are getting off watching me being abused by my wife.

My only fear is that somebody I work with will see one of these videos. That would be un-cool. One time she made me watch a gay porno, of course the cameras were rolling as usual. When my cock got hard she made me stand up and bend over, then she shoved a butt plug up my ass. She called me a faggot and made me keep the butt plug in as I watched her lover fuck her in the ass.

When she was done she had me fuck myself with the butt plug and jack off all over my stomach. Here are a few samples of some of the scenes I have been filmed doing.

One of the scenes I was dressed up like a maid. I always hated it when she made me wear a short dress. It was always the same thing: as soon as I would put the dress on, she would make me walk up to her and hand her a butt plug. I will lift my skirt and she will insert six large beads that are attached to a rope.

She will shove them up my ass one at a time until I am full. At the present time I can only take five of them. That leaves one of them hanging out of my ass, to beat my balls as I walk around and serve my wife and her lover.

I will then go to the kitchen and make breakfast for them. After they ate I was cleaning the table off while my wife got down on her knees and started sucking her boyfriend's cock. My cock got hard as I watched my wife work her pretty lips up and down his shaft. She sucked on his cock for 10-15 minutes, as I stayed busy in the kitchen.

I was loading the dishwasher as I heard him moan, I turned around just in time to see him jerk his cock out of her mouth and spray cum all over her face and hair. When his massive tool stopped pumping cum, she wrapped her lips back around the head of it and cleaned him up. She then called me over to her and told me to lick his cum off her face. I licked her boyfriend's cum from her face like a dog licking a bowl.

When I was done I was so horny. She let me masturbate in front of her and her lover. As I was starting to cum, she jerked the beads out of my ass and I shot cum six feet in front of me. I obediently kneeled down and licked it off our kitchen floor.

We have done this scene many times, but one of my favorite scenes goes like this:

My wife is going out to the local slut motel tonight so she makes me help her get dressed. I must bath her and dry her off. I get so horny knowing that in less than two hours my wife's pussy and ass will be drenched in cum.

She starts telling me all the nasty things she plans on doing, like sucking their big cocks and draining their balls. Letting strangers pump her pussy full of cum. She tells me how I have cheated her by having a little cock and how it's going to feel being fucked by a bunch of big cocks.

About that time I hear a knock at the door, it's one of her lovers picking her up. I kiss her and she tells me not to play with my little cock till she gets back home. She then reaches out and unzips her lovers pants and pulls his cock out. She makes me get down on my knees and kiss the shaft and tell him how glad I was to see that he was going to service my wife tonight with his big cock.

When they leave I'm so horny I can't stand it. After 4 or 5 hours she comes home and I meet her at the door on my knees waiting and wanting to lick her swollen pussy clean. Her panties are soaked in cum from where it leaks out of her. She tells me how much she loves me as I suck the cum off of her clit. And how I can't satisfy her with my cock. So I must be her cunt licker and clean up man.

Another scene we like to play out is my wife some times wants to pretend she has a cock. She will get me all hot and horny, then she will have me get on the bed on my hands and knees and fuck myself with a dildo while she is working a double headed dildo deep into her pussy.

When my ass is all loose and ready she will reach under me and put my cock and balls in a cage. She will then get behind me and start rubbing the head of her double dildo, up and down my ass crack. Until the head of it disappears into my hungry asshole.

The dildo is about 24 inches long with a set of balls in the middle. She will bury it all the way up to the balls. It feels like it is lodged in my throat. But I keep pushing back on it, wanting it deeper and deeper.
She has been ass training me for a long time so I can take a pretty big cock up my ass and still enjoy it.

She loves the power of fucking me hard as the other end of the dildo is fucking her pussy. When she gets tired of fucking me she will slip the dildo out of her cunt. And reach down and take my cock cage off. She will then get down between my legs and suck my cock while she fucks me with the other end of the dildo.

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