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Debbie writes

I’ve been making-love with my new boyfriend now for around a month and a half. I love ‘being’ with him whenever I can. But being married with two wonderful and active daughters, it can be very hard to find quality time for Mom. So my new beau & I sometimes have to get a little creative with what time we do have. Even if it is just to visit with each other for a while. We talk everyday at least once on the phone. I have my phone play the song, ‘Sexual Healing’ when he calls, so my darling Hubby knows not to answer it. I’m being mean I know, but in a fun way! But when it comes to having ‘quality’ time together with my lover, we usually have to make plans in advance. But, it is definitely worth the effort. Last week, we both made plans to take personal days off from work on Wednesday. I was so excited, because my boyfriend & I were going to be together at MY house for the very first time.

After my husband went to work that morning, I got up and got my youngest daughter ready like I always do and took her to school. Traffic is always a mess at this time, but I ’suffered’ through it and dropped my little girl off for the day. I called my oldest daughter at home to make sure she was running on time to leave for high school herself. I felt so nervous as I tried to keep everything going according to schedule. And thank goodness it did. Everything went perfectly except I couldn’t get back home fast enough. I called my lover to let him know the coast was clear and that I couldn’t wait to touch & feel him. When I finally turned on our street, he was already there and waiting. I went inside feeling like a naughty little girl who pulled off the perfect crime and loved every minute of it.

We made love and played with each other all morning long in my (and my husband’s) bed. In my very own bedroom, I sucked on my lover’s warm cock and let him put every bit of it inside me. I also felt his hands squeeze my bare bottom as he cummed inside me. After that we talked and held each other and kissed until I got up and made us something to eat. Then we went back to bed and watched one of my favorite movies before we played a little more. I then had to send him home.

I only had time to change the sheets and get dressed before I had to leave to pick up my girl from school. And there I was, smelling like my lover’s body & perspiration, still tasting my loving cock in my mouth (or wishing that I did) and feeling his cum between my legs. And I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about any of it. I was just glad my daughter was not old enough to have caught on to it. When we got home, I was back to being mom and got dinner started. Pretending that nothing special had happened to me at all.

When I went to bed that night I still had my lover’s cum inside me as I laid beside my husband. It was an incredible moment for me. I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt complete. I felt very sexual. I felt what it meant to be loved by one man after being loved on by another. Women really are complicated. And I’m so thankful to be one.

Cuckoldress Confessions
Amy writes

I think that my dh, chrissy, loves to watch or at least hear another man do me. We've been doing it for almost 14 years, 12 married.

For many, the term is wife sharing. That's where the man lets his wife have other men usually with him present. The husb then will have sex with the wife to "reconnect" with her. This may also culminate the sexual evening with the husband licking the cum from both the lover and himself . I don't perceive this to be a bisexual act at all. I think the "worst" you could call it is a submissive act, but I don't think it's that bad at all. This is common in the swinging lifestyle, I'm told.

As you can probably tell from what I call my husband, chrissy is a feminized version of Chris. I use it in a derogatory and diminutive way as part of our lifestyle which is more intense than the wife sharing I talked about above. chrissy is a cuckold. I totally control his sexuality. I control when he can jerk off. I control the type of sex he can have. I am a Female Dominant, or Domme. I, on the other hand, am free to go out and have sex with whomever I wish and when ever I desire. I always come home to my cuckie, and usually with a nice creamy pussy for him to clean up, though sometimes its my ass that needs his oral attentions.

chrissy is small cocked, thin and quick to cum. At the time I met him in college, I was just coming out of a near Master/slave relationship where I was the slave. However, that was mostly in name only. My Master told me when he took me on that I would be a short term sub soon to be Domme. I didn't believe him, but here I am a Domme. I have done a lot of things sexually in my life, some of which were quite distasteful to me. In any event, I was a highly sexual woman. I need a lot of good sex A 4"-ish thin cocklete isn't going to do it for me. That's what chrissy has. When he showed that to me, I almost walked away from him. As I said before here, that would have been a big mistake.

He asked, almost begged me, to stay with him. Not to leave because of his diminutive equipment. He also said that he'd understand if I went out with other men to quell my thirst, just please come home to him. Over the next few weeks, I did just that. I would go out almost every night with another man. I'd come back to his apartment where he'd lick their sperm from me, spend a few moments in me and then lick his out, too.

I thought to myself that I could do this. he's a wonderful man; caring, funny, intelligent, creative, loved the same music and art as I do. If only he had a real cock he'd be perfect. Could I find another man that had the same qualities as chrissy has, only with a sexual capability that my lovers had? When I looked at those men I realized that the only thing they had to offer me was between their legs. That's nice and all, but every male has that. I was falling IN LOVE with chrissy very hard. I'd never be able to do that with the other men. There was nothing there for me other than their cocks.

chrissy also had another thing that they didn't have; a magnificent, awesome tongue! Oh, my! Can that man lick!!!

One night in January chrissy and I were sitting in his apartment studying and listening to music. He was idly playing with my breast while I reclined on him. he asked me if he could take me out to dinner on Friday night. I told him that I had a date that night. he told me that would be OK that he'd have an early dinner so we'd be done by 9. It's a date.

Friday he asked me to marry him. He asked me to marry him knowing that I was going to go out on a date with another man that night. I told him that I would have to continue dating, and he said that he understood, it's just that he couldn't envision a world without me in it with him. Awww! How sweet is that!?!? Of course, I said yes, and he slipped a ring on my finger.

We ended up leaving the restaurant and going back to his place. It was 8 then, so I let him cum in me, and then proceeded to get ready for my date. I looked at my ring and then looked at him. I smiled and gave him a kiss and told him that I loved him. I told him that I will always keep his rings on.

he helped me get ready. he wanted me to look good to show that HE had the prettiest and sexiest girl on campus, and that he was proud that I was his and would always come home to him. I always have and always will. I left for my date wearing
"When I entered the living room, I couldn't believe the way my cock jumped out of my pants. There was a pile of clothes strewn on the floor and Jaime was face down in the pillows of the couch. One of her large c-cup breasts were dangling in the air while James' large hands roughly massaged the other. His dark face was buried in her ass and his tongue was darting furiously between her shaved pussy and her delicate little asshole. It was so sexy to see the contrast of their skin. He white ass rubbed up and down on his tongue until she screamed loudly, reaching her first orgasm.

"Oh yes . . . fuck me with your tongue. Yeah, oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah"

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"........his hands and parted her pussy apart. It was red and puffy looking. Conner knew the look. She'd been fucked! This excited him even more as he pressed his face into her slit making her moan again. Conner poked his tongue inside. Her body arched up as he tasted the aroma.

He could definitely taste it! It was cum! It was male cum! Conner went wild with his tongue poking inside. Her body responded to his movements arching up against his hot mouth. Conner kept licking and sucking until she finally moaned out really loud having an orgasm right than and there!

"That's it darling. Does it feel good." Gloria only moaned giving his arm a gentle squeeze of approval. He looked up at her face. Her eyes were still closed. He kissed her inner thighs as she squirmed around on the bed moaning like she was in heat."

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Cuckold Stories
Nancy writes

After our initial meeting with Rick I knew I wanted him more than ever. With my husband Tom’s okay I invited Rick over to our house for drinks the following evening. Admittedly I was a nervous wreck all day, my body said yes but my conscience kept saying no. I finally told myself that nothing was wrong with seeing where this might develop. I took a nice hot bath to clear my mind. I decided on a powder blue tight blouse that’s showed off my cleavage nicely along with a dark blue above the knee flared skirt and 4” pumps. My lingerie consisted of a black lace half cup bra with matching bikini panties and a garter belt with off black stockings. My husband was like a little puppy eagerly watching me dress for my date. I knew I was ready.

My heart skipped a beat when the doorbell rang. I met Rick at the door with a warm welcome kiss and held onto his arm as I walked him in. I hoped that would make him more at ease. We sat closely on the couch as Tom sat opposite us on the chair across the room as we chatted. Rick put his arm around me as I put my head on his shoulder. As Tom was making drinks in the kitchen Rick and I started to make out and explore each others bodies. When Tom returned we were locked in a very tight embrace. Tom put down our drinks and soon left the room.

After awhile of hot kissing and fondling I took Rick’s hand and walked him to our bedroom. As Tom was in our family room reading he noticed us go to the bedroom as we walked by. We both slowly undressed Rick being naked and me with only my garter belt, stockings and heels. We coupled soon after in what seemed like hours.

Rick stayed the night and we made love two more times before he left that morning. Tom wanted to hear everything in detail and I obliged him, his quick spurting told me how he felt. I discovered at that moment Tom was going to be my cuckold hubby. Since that night I have been with Rick three more times and plan to continue seeing him as well as other men.

I have started to be more forceful in making Tom my cuckold by now placing him in chastity whenever I’m with Rick.

Nancy writes (again)

It has now been one month since I was introduced to cuckolding. Let’s just say I’m really getting into it! Rick my current lover has been everything and more. My husband tom has been a very good submissive spouse and has let me explore lots of sexual venues. I enjoyed my first anal sex with Rick last week and although I felt a little uneasy at first I then relaxed and it became a most erotic experience.

On Saturday night I was treated to a lovely dinner by Rick and then to a trendy dance club afterward as Tom played chauffeur. As Rick and I fondled and kissed in the backseat on the way home, I watched tom eyeing us in the rear view mirror. By the time we reached the driveway of our home Rick already had my panties off and in his pocket.

We coupled and slept late the next morning and I treated both Tom and Rick to a nice breakfast brunch. After Rick left on Sunday, I teased tom while still in my little negligee and released him from the confines of his CB3000. I told him how proud I was of him being patient and he was rewarded with a very nice hand job.

To conclude on Tuesday afternoon I met a man that really intrigued me. I was at the gym working out when he walked by and smiled. He stopped, chatted and did a little flirting, but that’s for another time. Lunch maybe

Mark heard the bed squeaking but could only see the footboard from this angle. He'd have to prop open the door further if he wanted to take a look. Mark eased the door open hoping he wouldn't get caught and saw Hank's legs. A little further and he saw Faith's feet locked behind Hank's thighs.

A little further and he saw it all! Hank was screwing his wife! Mark could hear Faith groaning and purring like a kitten under the big man. Her nails were digging into his back as Hank hammered away inside her pussy. Wet sounds filled the room and Mark tried to get a clear picture of the huge black cock disappearing inside his wife.

Mark could see the shaft! Hank was rotating his hips like a pro! Faith moaned and purred with every little twist of his hips. Mark looked near Hanks face but couldn't see Faith. Her face was hidden behind Hank as he rammed himself inside Faith's pussy.
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Ginny writes:

I’ve been married 6 years. My husband John and I met when we were 16. We are now 27. We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. John has been a wonderful father to our daughter, as well as my best friend and confidant, always encouraging and supporting me. At the same time, we are opposites in personality. John is quiet, intellectual, and awkward in social situations, especially with women. I am outgoing and love to be with different, interesting people, especially men. Although I love him dearly, John has put on a lot of extra weight, and immersed himself in his career. As a result, our physical relationship (never that intense – at least for me) has diminished over the last few years.

John has always told me that he was proud to “show me off” and never minded me having a lot of friendships with other men. A few years ago he started to tell me how proud he was of me when I made him “jealous” and flirted with other men. At first I was hurt and could not understand how he could feel this way, but gradually this became the highlight of our “pillow talk”. I would tell him about my male friends in work, or about men that hit on me when I went out with my girlfriends. I enjoy my male friendships and flirting, but I never seriously considered having a romantic relationship with them.

Almost a year ago we moved to a large metropolitan area for his career. With his encouragement, and since we are in a new region far from our family, I began to dress much more attractively at work and in social situations. Picking out sexy clothes for me to wear to tease other men was part of our “game” and “pillow talk”. I work out regularly, and am proud of my body, so I enjoy the extra attention.

Last November we went to a wedding for one of his co-workers. I love to dance, but John does not. One man in particular (Donald), who neither of us knew, paid a lot of attention to me. Donald is about 10 years older, successful, smart, and attractive, with a fun personality that projects self-confidence. Donald and I danced and talked most of the night. I found Donald’s confident masculinity and his attention very flattering. I felt bad about letting John sit alone, but he told me to just enjoy myself. Later that night in bed, John told me that he felt proud of me, jealous and excited - all at the same time – as he watched me dance and flirt with Donald.

Donald works downtown near my office, and he called at work the week after the wedding to invite me to lunch. I felt unsure if I should accept his invitation, and called John, but he encouraged me to go to lunch and enjoy myself. Lunch was nice, and very flirtatious. It was clear that Donald and I felt a strong mutual attraction. We met several more times for lunch over the next few weeks. Then Donald invited me to go out with him on Saturday night for dinner and dancing because (he said) he knew that I loved to dance, but my husband did not. I was hesitant, but my lunches with Donald were the hot topic of “pillow talk” with my husband. John was enjoying my flirtation with Donald almost as much as me, so I accepted. When I got home, John could not have been more excited, and supportive of what he called my "first official date” with Donald. To make it seem more like a date (not sneaking around), John suggested that I have Donald pick me up at our house Saturday night. All day long Saturday was sexually charged, with John helping me to pick out what he called a ”dating” outfit. It was awkward between the two men when Donald picked me up at our home, but I felt like a teenager on a prom date, with my husband’s approval.

Well, we went to a nice place downtown that Donald knew. We talked, danced, and as the night went on, his hands lingered on me after each dance. Then Donald started to kiss me on my neck, my cheek, and finally my lips. I felt flushed, excited and responsive to his seduction. Flirtation had turned into a very strong and growing sexual magnetism. Donald made it very clear that he desired me. I had never felt more sexually attracted to a man before, or so aroused. I felt wooed and pursued which was a lightning bolt to my libido, so when he invited me back to his downtown townhouse nearby, I wanted to accept immediately. But, again I felt that I had to speak to my husband. I called John from the ladies room, and I still remember how hot the very brief conversation we had was – both of us knowing what was sure to follow. Donald’s spell was already coming over me, and when he started to kiss me back at his townhouse, I responded quickly and passionately which lead to the best sex I had ever experienced. Until then I had no idea what I was missing with the routine lovemaking I had experienced with John. Donald’s aggressiveness, intensity, passion, stamina and desire for me was (and continues to be) extremely arousing – he is just so much of a man!

When Donald dropped me off at my home the next morning, I was worried about John’s reaction and felt guilty despite how aroused I still was by Donald. Fantasy was one matter – actual adultery quite another. John’s reaction, once he was assured that I still loved him, was, and continues to be overwhelmingly supportive. John and I hugged and kissed and could not stop saying how much we loved each other. I needed to hug my daughter to prove to myself that I was still a good mother. I told John all about my intense sexual attraction toward Donald, and he was excited and jealous, but also proud and happy for me.

Donald made it clear that he wanted to continue to see me. We now go out at least once or twice a week, with frequent lunches. For Valentine’s Day, Donald had beautiful roses delivered to my office, but so did John. I felt embarrassed with the looks and questions from my co-workers, but also very aroused. I went to dinner on Valentine's Day with Donald, and spent the night with him, with my husband’s approval.

Donald has made it clear that although he does not want a wife at this time (he is divorced) he wants to have a girlfriend (me!) for an ongoing relationship. I feel torn emotionally. I see me as both a good mother and a loving wife, but also, I want to be Donald’s girlfriend. Over the last few months, Donald and I have developed an increasingly deep sexual magnetism and emotional connection. I have never felt such a strong sexual attachment to a man – including my husband. I literally think about Donald all the time.

But my relationship with each man is so different. John is still my best friend. We talk about everything, including my affair with Donald – much like I would talk to a girlfriend - only better! John is so turned on by my affair with Donald that our conversations and "pillow talk" are extremely hot. I feel that my emotional connection with my husband is deeper than ever before, as my desire for him physically lessens - that side of me is dominated by Donald. John says that he wants me to enjoy my affair (as long as our marriage together continues). At the same time, I am very jealous and have no desire to be a "swinging" couple, and John assures me that the only women that he wants is me.

But, with Donald, although he respects my life as a wife and mother, when we are together, he wants me to be HIS “real” girlfriend - he says that he wants to spend more time with me. John and I have discussed Donald's desires, and John says that he wants what I want, and the idea of his wife as another man's "girlfriend" made him feel both very jealous and very excited.

So, in two weeks Donald and I are going away for the weekend to attend Donald's younger brother’s wedding. He wants me to go as his girlfriend, and to reinforce our relationship, he wants me to leave my wedding rings at home. I find Donald’s request to be both scary and exciting. We will be a real couple the entire weekend. John sees it as a continuation of our “game” and says I am like a man who needs both a “wife and a mistress". Donald has also has also made reservations for the two of us at a couples resort in Jamaica in late May.

I love the attention. I love the excitement. I love John’s support. I just can’t stop feeling both guilty, and afraid. I never want to hurt John or our daughter. I worry if John will stop being excited by our “game”, or if Donald will want to take me away from John permanently. I would appreciate receiving advise on how to manage my tangle of conflicting emotions.