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If youíre reading this site for the first time and your husband/wife has just recently began sharing this idea with you, or perhaps itís a long-lived fantasy only now receiving renewed attention, please continue reading.

Cuckolding takes what is perceived as the largest threat to a marriage and turns it into something that binds a couple closer together.

First, please understand and appreciate that for one spouse to bring this idea up to the other is an expression of love and trust. As skeptical as you might naturally be, I will take it as a positive sign that you are here to learn more.

Second, take it from a man who has been directly involved in this lifestyle as a Dom for over a decade now that done correctly, this lifestyle will bring a couple even closer emotionally than ever before - even for couples who already have a good relationship. Yes, it may sound strange at first that inviting another man into your marriage, and dare I say, inside the wife, will bring you closer, itís true.

Why / How Cuckolding Isnít Cheating
In short: Cheating is a violation of trust; cuckolding is an expansion and exploration of trust.
Cheating is so destructive because of the secrecy. Without being involved and aware of whatís going on, the husband is left feeling nothing but fear and potential loss. This is not the case with cuckolding. Husband and wife should share everything regarding this experience. When this is done within a loving, trusting marriage, the husband can focus on the erotic elements of such an adventure with his wife instead of being overwhelmed with anger, fear and doubt.

Wives have a hard time with the idea of sharing so much about their experiences with someone else. Their instinct is to protect their husband from such details, but for several reasons, these detailed exchanges are the key to happy and successful cuckolding.

Things Arenít Always What They Seem
In our society, religion has imposed behavior upon us which restricts intimacy to married couples. I reject this, obviously, but not necessarily out of disregard for religion but moreso out of respect for our biology which was formed long before religion decided our lives for us.

As I discuss in my article entitled ďThe Biology of CuckoldingĒ , as a species, we were wired very differently than we are expected to behave in contemporary society. This is one reason why this lifestyle can appeal to so many. At an instinctive level, polyamory is actually more natural than what we practice today. The odds are actually pretty high that one of you neighbors has or is interested in one or more aspects of cuckolding .

Humans being the complex animals we are, there are also other factors at play. Most of these are mental and emotional components that relate to our basic biology, but are also related to social norms, taboos and expressions of dominance and submission (which are a natural part of the fabric of human existence).

Itís a Win-Win situation.

Most of the couples Iíve been involved with or coached loved each other and were very happy in their relationship, but were missing something. In most cases that was simple sexual fulfillment. It could be the husband has a small penis, lacks stamina or is simply not the assertive personality their wife fantasizes about giving herself to. Cuckolding allows this couple to experience greater sexual satisfaction while still enjoying the other aspects of their relationship. If you think about it, itís much easier to find someone sexually compatible than someone compatible to share your life with, making this dynamic a natural fit for many couples who want their love and their sex to be fulfilling.
Introduction to Cuckolding
"I was so wet that when I guided the head of his cock to my entrance, he pressed forward and it just slid right in at least half way.
Oooooohhhhh. It felt so thick, spreading me open, forcing me to part before him like a river against a rock. A big rock. A soft "Ugh.." slipped from my lips and he smiled.
"Easy," I begged breathlessly, panting.
He nodded and slid back until just the head was in me. He paused, letting me breath a moment, then he slowly pressed forward again.
My head rolled side to side and my fingers gripped the bedcover as I felt his big penis push in farther than the last time.
He stopped, giving me time to regain control. I could feel my vagina gripping his cock involuntarily. I breathed deep and loud. "Wow," I whispered.
He slowly withdrew to the crown of his head again, giving me space to breath. I felt his hands on my knees which he gently pressed up toward my chest until my feet were off the bed.
I opened my eyes to see his face. He whispered, "ready?"

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"He held me close, I could feel his hardness through his trousers, I'm sorry Mat but I just had to have him. "
"I let him caress my ass as I ground my mound against his crotch." I whispered in shame.
Mat pushed my mini skirt up, pressing his face against the thin wet material of my thong. He kissed my wet mound over and over.
"He took me out into the car park and found a dark corner. I don't know what came over me Mat but I unzipped him and took his cock out. I was amazed by how big and hard it was. Did I tell you he was half caste Mat?"
Mat moaned into my pussy.
"He was bigger than you Mat, had to be 9" at least, but not thick like you. I liked his exposed glans. He was circumcised. I haven't had one of those since before we met. You know I love sucking cock Mat," I teased him.
I could hardly believe how aroused I was telling him what happened.
"I squatted in front of him and started to suck his big hard cock. I licked up and down his smooth shaft. I licked and sucked on just the head, just the way you Like it Mat, then I sucked it all in, I deep throated him like I deep throat you."

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